:: I didn't forget you ::

I know, I know, it's been a while. I admit, I let life really get in the way for a while, and for that, I'm really sorry. I love this space. I need this space. Without it, I have no place to really let things out, No place to relive wonderful moments, a place I can store my thoughts and actions. Yes, I need this space. So much has happened. So much has changed. As it always does. The good news is just this: I'm back! Expect lots more of me... and a little bit about what's been going on as well.


:: The Best Policy ::

Pull out your journal and be brutally, painfully, overwhelmingly, and cathartically honest with yourself. You will 
find that in being completely honest with yourself, it comes much more naturally to be honest and kind to others.


:: Hold on to things lightly ::

Hold things lightly instead of clutching them tightly in your hands. A clenched fist grows very stiff and begins to hurt very quickly, then grows quite tired from holding on, but, an open hand is able to give freely and also to receive freely as well. Allow that ebb and flow to happen naturally.


:: I want what I have ::

It's completely natural to desire more... more clothes, more friends, more money, it's only human. But, obsessing over the things you're lacking can make you feel very dissatisfied. That is bad. This month, take a moment to acknowledge what you do have... anything from your healthy body which can carry you through a 5k walk or run to your best friend {who's really more like a sister}. Just remember that, while life can always get better, it's more fulfilling to always appreciate exactly where you are right now.