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:: My Birthday Month: Day 19

June 19- Pick someone who really needs your special care today and help them.

We all know that person. That person who is struggling with something in life. I have one such person in my life. My friend mary. She still lives back home where I am from, and she is very lonely. Since I have moved, she has struggled with every day things. She becomes depressed easily with her health, her job, her friends that are left. Last year she spent Thanksgiving and Christmas by herself. That should NEVER happen. I felt so bad. So, to give her something to look forward to, I'm bringing her to me this year. I told her choose Thanksgiving -or- Christmas and come down here with me! She can choose! It's already made a world of difference in her attitude, and given her something fun and exciting to look forward to. Funny how something so little can change someone's total life!


:: My birthday Month: Day 18

June 18- Treat yourself to a day off! Have yourself a break from the normal routine

That's right. A day home by yourself is always a good idea. I'm having a spa day for myself. Total pampering indeed. A homemade facial, mani/pedi, all the things that make me feel special and beautiful! A day to lay in the sun, exercise in the pool, go biking, garden a little... a perfect kind of a day off. And  off I go to enjoy just that, starting now!


:: My Birthday Month: Day 17 {My Birthday!}

June 17- My Birthday! Do a random act of kindness!

And so I did. All over the place. I hosted a pool party for both my birthday and also Father's Day which is also on the same day! It was a great day, surrounded by friends, family, and neighbors alike! So much fun! what can I say? The day was PERFECT.


My Birthday Month: Day 16

June 16- Have some fun already! {Don't take life or yourself too seriously}

Sometimes we get wayyy too caught up in the little things that drive us crazy, or try a little too hard to solve other peoples problems... I say concentrate much more on your life, on your happiness first. Little old you isn't going to solve the worlds problems, or even those of the people around you, only they can. So take your little slice of heaven and run with it I say. Offer your good advice to others, and then let it go. Find your fun stuff and do it. {you made a list of them, remember?}


:: My Birthday Month: Day 15

June 15- Make a loose schedule for yourself {track all the things that need to be in  your week}

I keep a loose schedule for myself daily. I know what I need to get daily. By scheduling things, I can stretch them out over several days giving myself more time in each day to do other things that I'd really like to be doing more. I even give myself things to get done while at work, like walking during my lunch, taking the stairs up four flights, drinking tea and enough water... there are many things to add to my day even at work that leaves open time for myself when I'm off work. I make phone calls when I'm on my breaks, I text friends to let them know that I'm thinking about them, so many little things can be done in 5 minutes or less. Don't let time pass you by... organize next your time. Then, schedule in some fun with all the free time you've just opened up.


My Birthday month: Day 14

June 14- Begin to simplify your life- How much time do you want to spend on cleaning?

It's very simple to become a very organized person. Why do it? Because it will cut your time in half, it will allow you the freedom to breathe again, and it will allow you the time you really want to do the  things you really want to do.

How to begin? Purge, purge, purge. Get rid of anything and everything you can. Think of it this way, if you haven't used and item or worn an item in the last year-it's got to go. That's my simple answer. I know, you feel like nothing is that simple, but it really is. It leaves you with less to have to clean, take care of etc:...leaving you with more time to do the wonderful things that you love to do. Think it over. Do you want to be a slave to your home? I think not. 


:: My Birthday month: Day 13

June 13- Separate yourself from negative/irrational/radical people

And there is a good reason for that. So many people are sadly, polarized by radical politics. Closed minded, and many times seemingly hoping that we as a country fail. It's sad, sad, sad. I stay completely away from total fake, negative and depressingly wrong news, and anyone or anything that tries to sap the very high energy that is going on all around me! Times are good again. Really good. I can only hope that people can sit back and enjoy these good times rather than make up problems that it seems they hope will upset and irritate me into action. Not going to happen. I'm really happy. These days I feel better and stronger about being a christian {thank goodness} even though there are still plenty of people around trying to shame christians. {why?} It's no longer a field day on us. Things are really seeming to straighten up. So, in short, relieve yourself of the negative people of all kinds, it only hurts your psyche. Trust that your inner feelings are correct and steer away from the negative.

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