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:: First thing in the morning ::

It's a funny thing I doubt I'll ever get used to. Weather that is so perfect all year round that first thing I do in the morning is go outside with my coffee to breathe in the beautiful morning. This morning I was surprised by a sandhill crane who was hungry. So, I went back in the house and grabbed a couple slices of bread and tore them up for it. The crane thoroughly enjoyed it. They are a site to see. They usually travel in groups of five or six and it is amazing to watch them fly together. Between them, the small lizards (of which there are hundreds present at all times), the small frogs, the falcons, and numerous other animal species around all the time, there is always something to watch, some animal willing to entertain as I wake up to the world. I feel so lucky, so blessed to have this life I have. Florida is a beautiful place to live. I so love my new house. It offers me so much. A huge yard with a beautiful swimming pool that I've already started enjoying-I love to swim! It's great exercise too! It's a great place for friends and family to gather around and enjoy themselves. My neighbors are just the greatest people... my family, well, is my family. Any excuse to get together is on. I love the absolute spontaneity of everyone here. Good times are had with the drop of a hat, and beautiful lasting memories are made almost daily in some way shape or form. This is a good day I can tell. Can't wait to see what happens next!


Has it been that long?

I can't believe that is has been almost a whole year since my last post. But, sadly, it has been. Life got really hectic, really busy, with many many changes along the way. A new home, a new post at work, an illness or two, lot's of family drama, a painful family death, and everyday life kept moving forward at a really fast pace. Life stops for no one that's for sure. And with or without certain people in the world, it keeps moving forward for better or for worse. I also rescued a small cat whose owners had moved away and didn't take her with them. Their loss. She is wonderful as she is beautiful. She is totally black with the greenest eyes I have ever seen. She is small and dainty and delicate and quite smart. Too smart in fact. She is wonderful even with small children. She sat and watched a movie with my niece for two hours straight. No one could believe it. I am blessed in many ways in my life, and I will now return here to catch up, and put my thoughts down on paper so to speak to get things out that need to be vented. Need to be set free. It's looking to be a beautiful summer here in my new home state of Florida. I will share all my wondrous days ahead with you once again, while touching a little bit on the last year that we missed together too. It's good to be back. See you soon.


more of what I'm doing now...

This is what is in the back of every house here in Florida, which I like. I too will purchase one of these within the next couple of years. I have to decide in which town and what part of town I'd like to live in though. It's tough. I have a brother who would like me close to him so that if anything goes wrong or happens he can get there right away. I've told him he shouldn't worry so much, but I think ever since the night I had a heart attack and had to wake him up at 2:00 am to take me to the hospital, well, he isn't buying it. I guess I don't blame him. I did scare him to death. He reminds of this often. 

A beautiful flower found in a friends yard. The Flora and the Fauna here simply fascinates me! 

More beautiful flowers...

Breakfast during the hot months consists of lots of smoothies, cold cereals and my favorite: is a yogurt berry parfait. I take my vanilla yogurt, mix in fresh berries, and top off with granola! Yum! More soon... lot's to do. Always busy and going going going!


:: Starbucks kind of a day ::

Today was one of those days that had to start out with Starbucks or else...


:: Bad behavior ::

So Spring was utterly beautiful around these parts of course, and we are now already headed into the hot summertime months already! Wow, time really does fly when you are working and running all the time! We have so much to catch up on! I have my very own apartment in Florida now, off on my own I guess you could say which is fun, exciting, scary, and fun!!! I'll introduce you to my new place in my next blog promise! I have alligators in my backyard! Keeps me quite safe at night!


:: Happy Weekend ::


:: I missed March ::

Somehow, I totally missed the month of march. I've been so busy with work and all that I haven't really taken even a couple of seconds to stop and get caught up with anything. But today, for just a moment, I'm going to. I'm working a lot, and, I'm getting ready to move into my own apartment... all by myself! It's so exciting! And, I have alligators in my back yard!!! They are so cool! I will post picks as soon as I get settled in. Anyway, enjoy some random pictures from the past couple of months. It sort of shows you what I have at least been noticing around me.

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