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I have a story. We all have a story, but some of us carry that story like a fire withing us. Sometimes we are simply enveloped in it. For some of us, it's what drives us forward, allowing us to embrace this sweet life. This is a good life folks, it really is. And although we learn so many lessons along the way, I would recommend that these are the four you should keep at the top of your list. Because, I said so. And I have lived long enough to know so. These are part of the "What have you learned about life" kind of things, so, pay attention.

1. Be fearless. Really. There is nothing to be scared of. At all. And by putting yourself out there, you will realize it quickly too. You were meant to live fearlessly, try it all... and don't ever be afraid.

2. Fall in love... with yourself. You are all you've really got. We come into this world alone, and despite the friends and family we have, we will leave this world alone. It is important to understand that you are so special. We all are. I am really lovely, in so many ways. There are many wonderful qualities about me,  I just wish that I had known that my whole life, not just come to that realization now.

3. Life is so very beautiful. I want to be clear about that. Each and every day is a gift. Truly. Just look at the trees and how the sunlight showers it's light on and through them, it's so beautiful out there, make sure you are enjoying the beautiful world that was provided just for you.

4. It is a privilege to grow old. From the small wrinkles around my eyes, and my mouth from smiling and from laughing so much over the years, to each white hair that seems to pop out of nowhere, I will appreciate it all. 

Bottom line, do not let fear consume you, and dominate your life, because, really, our time on this planet is so very short, and it's so very precious. Truly, it is a gift. It's our choice and our choice alone how we use this gift. But, my advice is this: use it fearlessly. All Day. Everyday. And live. Live until you don't. Don't let one precious moment pass you by. Not even one. That's all.

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