:: Nostalgia ::

Summer is slipping away now, it's slipping through the cracks like dust. Golden streams of dust in the afternoon, and moon dust at night. It is pulling the season away like the tides. 

My heart hurts sometimes. When I think of the things and the people and the places I've lost. 
What am I saying? That little things matter most. There are a million little things. There are little
things that make me happy, there are little things that bring sad memories swiftly back to mind
and there are sometimes things that you smell or a sound you suddenly hear that carries you back 
to a time long ago in your past...like you were right back there again. 

Nostalgia fades faster than Polaroids. That's why time heals all wounds, because time is cruel. 
It makes you forget so much of what you have lived through, I want to remember everything. 
I long to remember each day of my life in it's fullest, but I can't. I can only keep moving forward, 
making new memories that I don't know if I will remember or not...the changing tides.What makes
us forget most of our lives anyway? Do you know?


:: What key? ::

"There is no key to happiness, the door is always open."

A person must realize who they are, and that true happiness will only be achieved
    if they are willing to be themselves and not who others may want them to be.

Happiness is fueled by our willingness to let go of the things that might cause
  us pain in life, from broken,  failed relationships to the other failures in life, 
  realizing, that just because parts of our lives ended on not-so-great notes, 
  doesn't mean that the ultimate end result of our life will exactly do the same.


:: breathtaking ::

It's a bit quiet here and I love that
autumn is breathtaking
my dear friend Julie has another
weekend movie marathon planned for us
and more fall drinks to savor!
 I am now on the hunt for the perfect fall candle 
to burn this weekend - any suggestions ?

Happy weekend my friends


:: A letter to my body ::

I think it's time to reflect on my goals,
I'm just really not quite sure what it is that I want.
So, it's hard to set any goals based on that.
I really wish I knew. I guess maybe I need to
take some time and sit down and think about
what I would like to do.
What it is that I want out of life,
what it is that I enjoy.
And, to be honest, it's actually harder
to do than I ever imagined.

This is something I did today and it was very helpful for me.  
It is a statement of ownership of my body. 
I have only one, and it's care is my responsibility alone. 
This letter is a way for me to acknowledge the
state of my relationship with my body currently.
I am feeling ill at the moment, and not happy about it.

Some questions I had to ask myself, and you should too...
Does my body need more attention? 
Have I been listening to my body and respecting its needs? 
Is my body hungry for love, affection, pampering, creative outlets,
good food, fresh air?   Have I neglected you? 
Do I owe you an apology? 
What are my plans to do to make amends?

Through writing this letter, I have begun to  recognize the need
to pay more attention to myself. I am prepared to make a
 commitment to myself that is required to make this change. 
I will allow the truth to emerge, whatever it may be. 
This is about getting real and owning where I'm at tight now.
I'll allow space to explore any feelings of resistance, fear, 
concern, or insecurity that may arise.

Judgment and guilt are useless emotions. 
I'm using this as an opportunity to become aware
of areas that may have escaped my attention. 

Every once in a while, write a follow-up letter to renew your
commitment to care for your body. 
I'm going to write these thoughts in my Journal
every day. That way I can pay attention to what
I did or didn't do to help my body daily.

I read many other letters online from other women as well.
They are all so interesting, and so familiar too.
What's stopping you?  Write that letter.


:: Each so different ::

All of us, we are all so different. We are born, we live, and so many different things happen to us along the way that give us each  such distinctly personal histories. They are the random quirks and stories that distinguish us from all the other billions of people out there walking around on this earth. 

And through the internet, as well as everyday life,the world itself is getting smaller and smaller and I have had the opportunity to meet so many people from so many of the walks of life. Isn't that simply amazing that we are able to do this? As I really think about it, it's blowing my mind a little. I love learning all about people. Simply fascinating.

And so, here are a few random things about me I'll share with you...

1) I love to make lists, it's how I get anything done.
2) I am quite particular in what direction my toilet paper hangs.
3) I love to hear my three favorite words RED VELVET CAKE.
4) I am a good writer, and graduated honors in English.
5) I could spend hours floating down a lazy river.(drink in hand)
6) My favorite nail polish is OPI An affair in red square.
7) My favorite comfort food is grilled cheese and tomato soup.
8) I love the cool breeze that touches my skin as I walk by the river.
9) I love getting a new fall candle each year.
10) Autumn is my most favorite time of year.
11) I write my thoughts and what-nots in a journal.
12) I love buying sandals, I own a shameful amount of them.
13) I enjoy walking through caves...fascinating!
14) I love planning weekend getaways.
15) I enjoy photography, and I am steadily learning more about it.
16) I love decorating my home for every season.
17) I have tons of plants in my home, you can never have too many!
18) I shamelessly dress my dog in outfits(he's a little Yorkie)
19) I have a favorite coffee cup I use everyday.
20) I have beautiful handwriting.

So now, tell me some things about you......


:: Looking past the daily grind ::

Flower Photography - Sunflower On the Line Print 5x7 Nature Print - yellow orange green flowers hanging

Do you ever feel simply bogged down by life? It's so easy to do.
It just sort of wears on you, the same everydayness - everyday.
The foundation you worked so hard to build, and you get lost in it
and then it becomes nearly impossible to see what
you were working so hard to create in the first place.

I need to look past the daily grind somehow,
one way perhaps is just to think of all the things
that I'm truly grateful that I have. And I have plenty.

That is the truth.

I think I am seeking inspiration to be creative in many ways.
I am wanting a whole new world to open up for me.
Where to begin? At the beginning I suppose, right?
Sitting here writing this, I feel something crazy and alive bubbling
under my surfaces ~ and I am excited to think of where it will take me.

I have been laying in bed at night, eyes wide open.
Thinking clearly and slowly untangling threads of ideas in my head.
The possibility of art, of painting, drawing, of photography,
writing, biking, hiking, there's so many possibliities.

I feel good and , seconds away from eruption.
I love it when everything begins to click!
Time to start all over again and re-invent myself.

How about you? Game?


:: Autumn Sedums ::

Autumn Sedums are always crazy with flies and stinging insects by the end of the summer.
But come September, they are a welcome burst of color in the yard.


:: On Hiking ::




This past weekend we went hiking with friends of ours and it was fabulous!! Ok...the weather was rather iffy, but we all made the best of it!! We hiked and hiked and just simply enjoyed being in the fresh air with no computers, cell phones, televisions or radios!!! I can't even describe how much I love nature and spending time outdoors...it is the one thing that can totally relax me!!! Let me just say this weekend was greatly needed!!! Starved Rock State Park is just beautiful!! And the lodge is lovely. After all that hiking, I relaxed my muscles swimming some laps in the Olympic sized pool! Then, relaxed in the hot tub for a while, followed by the sauna! To say the lease, I feel great! Relaxed, and ready to take on the world again!


:: Quick Summer breakfast ::

I have to say, that I have decided,  that on days it is goingto be over 100 degrees, and certainly 85 by 8am, the very best breakfast one can have is simply a yogurt parfait. Believe me - try it,

Simply add yogurt to your favorite glass bowl, add blueberries, strawberries, anything fruit you like, then, top it off with your favorite granola! Done!


:: Self portrait day again ::

And it's self portrait day, so I thought I would share with you my current hairstyle of its much to hot to wear your hair down. And it really is. But, still... it's perfect for swimming! I would settle for just dangling my feet in the water, really... I know this sounds weird but, if my feet are cool, than I am too! I also sleep with one or both feet poking out from under the covers. It's just who I am.