Summer vacation was good this year. The Kiddo enjoyed it. There were ups and there were downs, 
there were good days, and there were bad days. There were days filled with lots of tears, but 
many more days that were filled with laughter, so it's a good thing.

Two loaves of Zucchini bread were made this morning. I made one for us, and one for our neighbors. 
The ones we have been having board game night every week with for the last year. {fun}

Projects were completed... cleaning out the junk drawers yet again, and cookbooks were gone through for some new recipes. I promised I would try one new recipe each and every week... and I'm going to. Also painted a couple of picture frames for future creativeness that I haven't even thought up yet!  

 Pistachios were eaten by the handfuls. Oh and the road trips! They were a blast. Lots of thrifting. 
Instead of packing, my friend and I bought full outfits  {things we would never normally wear} 
and wore them all weekend long-and we even threw in our best accent! We were amazing!{more fun!} 

It's warming up here again, and I'm really glad. I'm not ready to say goodbye to summer yet. Not yet. 
I love Sundays like this one. Lots of doing nothing, plus thick slices of warm Zucchini bread and Chai tea. 
The only thing left to add: some relaxing yoga. And on that note...

See you tomorrow! Have a wonderful Sunday.


Every once in a great while, I encounter those precious rare moments where I am able to turn it all off... when I will take my journal, and pull out my pen, and look inward. Passion runs the show then and I begin to fill lots of pages. I write about the past, I write about amazing times, the good, the bad, the dark, the light, and even my coffee. sometimes I add torn book and magazine pages to my journal and layer it like a collage, and sometimes I just draw with my chalks. I love it. Chalk on paper. Beautiful. Magical. Lovely.

Sometimes, I journal about the mistakes I have made in life. I tend to write like no one is ever going to read these pages. But my hope is that one day my children or grandchildren will take an interest, pick one up and begin reading my words... and not only soak them in, but learn from my mistakes. I scribble about how many times I have fallen down in life, and how I have managed to get up from those falls. 

I try to sing a song with my pen in these beautiful journals of mine ; )

 This is a nice journal to start with.  It helps you to write by having you create lists of all kinds.

This beautiful Q and A / A Day journal is designed to help you create a 'time capsule' of five years of your life by asking you a different question every day. I bought this journal because it will give me a chance to see how I've changed and grown as a person over the course of five years by reading my answers. One question. It's just one question a day every day for five years. It is a great journal to keep if you are not very creative or wouldn't have enough time to write in a daily diary. It's easy, fun and a brilliant way to keep track of your life over the five years you use it for. 

Do you journal? You really should. Feel like you can't really write? Need a little help? Where to begin? Anywhere.


A friend is one whom one may pour out all the contents 
of ones heart chaff and grain together - knowing that the
gentlest of hands will then take and sift it, keep what is worth 
keeping and with a breath of kindness blow the rest away

~ Arabian Proverb ~


Go anywhere.....

To go anywhere, everywhere.

to quickly pack a bag with what first comes to mind.
Only the essentials: a good book, an good pen, my cameras and a tube of lipstick.

To let go of tomorrow, point my car in any direction, and simply go.
To be in an unknown place, if only for a couple of days.
Where the food tastes different and the words sound different
and people wear bright-colored everything.

Just throw out the maps, the itineraries, and just wander for hours
and hours for no other reason than to see.
To collect scraps of paper, bits of conversations,
and snap pictures again and again.

Then, piece it all together and tell the
kind of story that deserves a title.
I have been dreaming of this.
I believe that I might just do this.

How about you? Would you do this?



Who can pass up the chance to visit the State Fair? 

honestly, it never disappoints. Ever. And what is the first thing

that I want to see each year? {silly} the butter cow.

I know. Strange isn't it? But comforting, once I know it's

right where it should be ~ all is well in the world as I know it.

There a beautiful handmade crafts, quilts, etc:

the food is out of this world, and the snacks are crazy!

There is so much to see, the best entertainment ~

It is still in my opinion the best wholesome place

to take your family and everyone have a good time.