I was driving down a dark stretch of road after a really long and exhausting day, one that I never take, and suddenly, my surroundings seemed unfamiliar. All my senses seemed to be exhausted, and one eye was even twitching from a lack of sleep... the world around me was dimly lit in the soft autumn's fog... even the music on the radio was playing some strangely familiar old one-hit-wonder, strangely resonating... melding around my mind... like that same fog surrounding the constantly moving car... and then, I was home. Having no idea at all really how I had gotten there. So lost in thought... but, I can't remember what I was even thinking..... has that ever happened to you?


More things that make me thankful...

This week I found more things to be thankful for. 

Learning something new. Everyday.
Sleeping in on Sunday morning with no plans for the day.
Friends who put up with me, no matter what I might do.
Having time to read a book uninterrupted.

Having a sense of purpose in life. 
Being given a compliment, especially if I’m feeling down.
Being asked for advice because my opinion is respected.
Getting a phone call out of the blue and talking for hours.
Writing blogs that seem to touch people.


Doing what I want, when I want to.
 Going for a walk with no destination in mind and my camera in hand.
Having someone say Yes when I was sure that they would say No.
Understanding that I am responsible for my own happiness.
Helping someone solve a problem


Listening to Christmas music every chance I get.
Getting a good night’s sleep. I always need it.
Three and four-day weekends. {one is coming up!}
Attending a Christmas pops concert~ I scored tickets early!
Being appreciated at work and feeling that what I do makes a difference.


Having supportive friends who give me great advice when I need it.
Being creative and making something crafty with my hands.
Clean, crisp, just out of the dryer sheets on my bed.
Taking a long walk on a chilly afternoon.
Planning a road trip with my friends.


Eating a Whitey's Turtle malt.
Knowing that no matter what, everything works out.
Getting new journals and planners {love it!}
Giving to people who are less fortunate than I am.
Eying my vision board and knowing I’ve accomplished many things on it.


Let me just add...
Listening to Blurred Lines {causes an instant dance party to incur}
Getting a mani/pedi ~ and adoring the foot rub that comes with it.
Having an calming Chai tea and feeling healthy!


Roasted Nuts.........

Oh my goodness, I am totally stuck on this page Snowdays, it's always snowing someplace!
You make your own snowflakes and I simply can't stop! {Hahahaha} It is really addictive!
You will simply love it! Yes, it really is getting to be that time of the year isn't it?  
We have not gotten any snow yet where I live, but, I can certainly feel it in the air, 
I know it is coming sooner rather than later,
but, not yet! I wanted to share a  great recipe I found today...

Have you ever caught a whiff of those cinnamon almonds while Christmas shopping at the mall? Well, instead of waiting until your next shopping trip, make them yourself and share them with your friends and family! I finally made some - and I took the extra, let it cool down and put them in a clear cellophane bag and neatly did it up with some curling ribbon! It is sooo easy to make -here's the recipe try it yourself!

Cinnamon Spiced Nuts

1 egg white
2 tbsp. water
3-4 cups mixed nuts
3/4 cup brown sugar
1tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp. ground cloves
1/4 tsp ground nutmeg

Beat egg white and water. Stir in the nuts until moist. Drain. Combine the dry ingredients. Stir in the nuts until coated. Put nuts on greased cookie sheet. Bake at 250 degrees for 30 minutes. That's it! Enjoy!

What other recipes are you going to try to make this season?  I'm also going to make some pine cone fire starters for a friend of mine. It's really easy. Actually, I save my almost burned out candles just for this. When the candle is done, but you have lots of candle left-save it. then, using tongs, carefully dip your collected pine cones in the wonderfully scented wax that has been melted. Before the wax dries tuck in a short length of wicking. Then, just light and throw in the fireplace to start a fire with a lovely scent. Isn't that easy? But believe it or not, it makes a great gift. People just don't take the time to make simple things like this. I guess.
 But, if you try it you sure won't be sorry!