This is at 5:30am. The sun is shining brightly and it is already hot and humid.
As you can see...the moisture just hangs in the air....humidity is hard to take
when coupled with extreme heat. Here in the Midwest we sure get it all.

My garden however is not complaining in the least. Thousands of flowers are 
just bursting out everywhere throughout the yard and garden and, really, in
every single little nook and cranny they possibly can be - because I have over-
planted, over-hung, simply put, I have went over the top once again when it 
comes to my garden. Is that possible? To over-do a garden? I don't believe it is.

My roses are the prize of my garden though. They require the most time
and effort over any other single living plant I think... But they are really
worth it. This year, my total of rosebushes comes to 130. I know, that is
quite a few, but, my garden is quite beautiful, and there is always room
to add more and grow that section...there always will be. They are near
and dear to my heart you might say. Over 50 of them came from my 
dad's garden, so, I am extremely careful with their care to say the least.

Inside my home... are tons of cut flowers in various beautiful
arrangements that I have been having a lot of fun creating each
and every day. I have so many, that I have given lots of my friends
beautiful flower arrangements as well almost daily! My house smells
so heavenly though with all these flowers, and it turns it into quite
a magical feeling place indeed!

How about you? How does your garden grow?


:: Strawberry picking ::

Last Friday we celebrated a dear girlfriend’s birthday with lunch & a trip 
to the farm for a day of strawberry picking. It is perfect strawberry season, 
so the berries were bright red & super sweet!

We hopped into a giant wagon & went on a tour all around Country Corners. 
Not only did we get to see lots of different plants/produce, 
but we got to taste a bunch of fresh produce (literally freshly picked!) — 
green beans, yellow tomatoes, romaine lettuce, broccoli flowers, and giant carrots. 
It was so cute seeing all the kids in the wagon getting excited 
about fruits & vegetables {haha.}

  But of the course the highlight of the trip was the strawberry fields

We got to go out and pick as many big, bright, red & juicy strawberries as we could fit in our 1lb. boxes. And when we filled those up, we could continue picking & eating as many as we could fit in our tummies! All the produce is completely organic, so it was neat to just be able to pluck up these berries & pop them in our mouths. By the time we left, our fingers were stained red with berry juice, and no joke, they were the best strawberries I’ve ever had.

A totally fun, nutritious, and educational activity for kids and grown-ups alike. I’m hoping to squeeze in just one more visit to these strawberry fields before the season comes to a close! If you haven’t already, you should check out fun berry-picking activities in your local town — the perfect activity for the beginning of summer. :]


:: Summer is so fun ::

Summer is here and the sun in shining brightly.
To me nothing is better then spending time outdoors.
And what better way to start off my summer 

than with a water gun fight, 
and a long bicycle ride, 
and enjoying ice cream outside at night.
Oh the sweet days of summer.

I went down to the bike path that runs along the river to ride my bike last night, and it was just fabulous. There were so many people outside enjoying the warm weather. What better way to spend a warm night than outside. :)


Summer would never be quite the same for me without a trip to the berry patch. I love picking things as fresh as possible and then doing all sorts of yummy things with all the treasures that I collect! Happily, this year is no different, I continued my little tradition with a trip to a nearby farm and picked berries until everything I brought to contain them was bursting at the seams! Afterwards, I  stopped at Lagomarcinos and ordered a much deserved hot fudge malt. I am also a great believer in lots of ice cream treats during the summer as well!
So the long, hot weekend ensued with much berry bliss...strawberry smoothies, strawberry pancakes, fresh strawberries on vanilla ice cream, batches of strawberry freezer jam, and of course some strawberry shortcake, and then several bags of more sweet strawberries were frozen to use all year long to make fresh fruit smoothies. My last strawberry concoction of the weekend: strawberry scones for tomorrows breakfast....sweet!


Now, get thee to a strawberry patch and get yourself some delicious sweetness!


:: Amy's Art ::

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