I found out that I'm stronger and much more resilient than I ever imagined. 
I am so far removed from my daily routine, I don't have one any longer. 
I come from a place of total exhaustion; completely tired inside and out. 
I see the direction I should be going; and I'm faced that way. 
I love that the decision I speak of above was decided based on love. 
I trust that I can get myself through this. 
I believe in speaking my truth and knowing the right time to speak it. 
I find myself listening to my intuition and trusting myself again. 
I wonder about what comes next.Who doesn't?


:: Why Journal? ::

Why bother keeping a visual journal? Or any kind of journal for that matter? I can think of lots of reasons actually. Especially for those who want to remain creative always. 

1. Keeping a visual journal helps me to develop a little self discipline, just by drawing in my journal with my words everyday develops my creativity, makes me really think and gives me the practice that I need. Even if my drawing is super simple - at least I'm trying, and often, I am surprised by how good things turn out! Bottom Line: Practice makes perfect, or at least pretty good! 

2. I can easily see where I need some improvement. The things that are hardest for me to draw or write, and then take some corrective steps, or look at examples from other people. That really does always help a lot.

3. It's a place I can work out what is going on in my life in a constructive way. My ideas, solutions to problems, my sadness, my joy - 
they all go here as I try to find the right words and join to them the write pictures.

4. Makes me more aware of my surroundings. I have even taken to carrying my small journal and colored pencils with me wherever I go. 
Often, I find myself in a place and with time to quietly draw...and it is so wonderful and calming.

5. I regard my journal as my own personal safe place. Sort of like a diary of sorts. More like my collection of experiments, 
but still, mine. No one should be looking over my shoulder at it, or peeking into it. It is simply MINE. 

6. I use it a lot to write down ideas that just pop into my head very quickly. I tend to have tons of good ideas all day long 
that seem to come out of no-where, but, if I don't write them down immediately, they are gone. Forgotten. 

7. It helps with self discipline. Doing this just a little bit EVERY day, helps you keep a record of what you did, 
a simple run down on your day. It's so nice to go back and look. Little things remembered mean a lot. 
It's fun to make each day seem and look beautiful and important because it is.

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How about you? Do you keep a journal? What kind? I would love to know!


:: Get rid of it ::

Things I need to get rid of... {in no particular order}

old paperwork
weeds in the garden
bad habits
old food in the fridge
my husband {yes}
clothes that don't fit
half of my shoes
old magazines {read first}
old pens that don't work
old electronics never used


:: Thought Diary ::

This is yet another tool I use whenever I am feeling stressed or anxious or depressed. 
It can be really helpful to keep a daily journal. I call it my Thoughts Diary. 
 I basically use it to write the thoughts that are swirling quickly through my mind 
when I am in a really negative emotional state. It's supposed to help me try to find 
ways of dealing with those negative thoughts and putting them in to some kind of 
perspective or at least analyzing how realistic they are.

Basically, I will include:

What I did during the day {can include things like what I ate, what I drank -did I exercise in some way?}Any anxious or stressful episodes I experienced in the day and then journaling: what was the situation which triggered me to feel stressed or anxious?My thoughts on the situationHow I tried to deal with the anxiety or stress it was causing me.The outcome - Did what I tried work?Was I satisfied with how my day went?Then: A constructive comment on the day.

When I'm in a negative mood I tend to focus on what I haven't done or haven't achieved. 
But, keeping track of what I have done helps me to put things into better perspective.

Making a constructive comment about the day helps me see things in a more balanced way.
If the day has gone pretty good, well then it's easy to record a constructive comment. 
If it's not gone good, I still record a constructive comment - even if it's just to remind myself 
of one thing that I did get done or some small part of the day that I enjoyed, or that tomorrow 
I'm going to start all over again and put today behind me. If you are stressed, anxious or even just curious, then try keeping a diary like this to see if you find it helpful. You just might. I do.


:: Happy Saturday! ::

Good Morning!!

How are you!?!?!?

It's a spectacular morning!

The kind of morning that just makes my soul sing:) 

I poured my morning cup of joe and just

took a little nature walk around the yard.

It's amazing what you can find in your own backyard.

The garden is growing beautifully, all the plants,

all the hanging baskets...

Gardening can teach you a lot about patience.

I like to think that gardening is a metaphor for life..

to grow strong roots....you have to water plants well:)

In life....to grow strong roots....

you have to nurture your spirit. 

Happy...Happy Saturday!!

Now get out there and do something

that makes your soul sing today!!


Can't decide what you were meant to do? Me either.
But, it's actually possible and fun to use Journaling
or meditation, or visualization to help us to uncover
our hidden dreams. Ask yourself these questions:

♥ What would your perfect day look like?
♥ What gets you excited?
♥ What opens your heart?
♥ what is something you've always wanted
to do, but never thought you'd be able to?

Once you've identified the things you like the most
you can take small steps each day towards your goals.

Insert bits and pieces of your dream into each day.
Can't travel around the world? OK, well then how
about start with your own city and the sites you can
find their and then branch out to other local communities
and finally other States and so on....

Seek encouragement from people who have or seem to be
fulfilling their own dreams -remember, we tend to mirror
what we are around the most, so chose friends wisely.

Set yourself up a fun Summer Bucket list just for you!
Centered around all the things you love and enjoy doing...
Keep busy! It's Summer! No time for hiding in the house!

Now, get out there, and have some fun!

marys-dream:  (via Original image - gifs - Picture For Me on imgfave)  

“Some old wounds never truly heal, 
and bleed again at the slightest word.”


Good morning lovely Sunday:) Hope you are having a nice time celebrating the day! I am soaking up all the beauty life has to offer. and grateful to be spending time at the beach. Yearning to live a more simple life, and following follow my dreams!

Searching for the right words to inspire. I must have a million thoughts written in my journal :)

Remember, everyday is an opportunity to have a good morning :)