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So much to do, so little time. I am forever checking off things on my to-do list {s} – 
and moving on to the new issues at hand. While this approach helps me to efficiently accomplish my goals, 
an unanticipated consequence is that it can leave me forever staring at,
 and thinking about, all the things I have yet to do. It is like a never ending problem in a way... 
So, I think it’s an important practice to  build into my day a way to reflect on the 
many successes and joys in my life. Fortunately, I think Thanksgiving serves as a wonderful reminder to do this.

The great thing about Thanksgiving is that it’s all about family getting together and sharing the love. 
It’s isn’t about presents and more about presence. With as fast paced as life can be,
it’s nice to spend this special holiday together around the table talking about life and catching up with one another. 


I’ll admit it. I have a soft spot for Thanksgiving.
First, because it’s an excuse for me to bake for three days.
And second, because it reminds me to quit grumbling and start
noticing all of the amazing stuff I’ve got in my life.

This Thanksgiving I am grateful for many things, but to list a few;

1} I am thankful for my parents...they raised me with simple values, consistency and love.
2}  I am thankful for my beautiful healthy children and grandchildren.
3} I am thankful to be alive. And to make each day count for something.
4} I am thankful for the beautiful home I live in, in a safe neighborhood and a cute town.  
5} And lastly, my wonderful new addition to the family "Buddy" our Yorkie dog!

I think at Thanksgiving time, it is quite normal for our thanks and our gratitude to
center around our family, friends, and all our loved ones to be sure. In life, their are
thousands of things to be grateful for, but on Thanksgiving, it is all about family. 
AND food! Don't forget all the food!



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