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Time to trim the tree...

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. The past year certainly had it's challenges to be sure, but on the whole, there was so much to be grateful for: family, our friends near and far, an exciting career path, great co-workers, good food, a beautiful home, yoga, books, Starbucks Holiday lattes, my health, creating, and everything else that is good in this world. 

After over-indulging in some yummy food, watching a Christmas movie and enjoying some real quality family time, it was time to go home and get busy bringing out all the boxes of ornaments and lights and decorations of all kinds with which to decorate the home and trim the tree. 

It's a tradition to put up the tree the weekend of Thanksgiving. To be honest with you...there have been times I have even put it up earlier. We enjoy lots of new appetizers, {everybody brings at least one} we try a couple of new drink concoctions, and invite the kids and grandkids over to participate. 

We play lovely Christmas music... it's a lot of fun and one of the many traditions that I really look forward to each year. Plus, don't you just love the subtle glow the lit up tree adds to your room? 

 Have you begun decorating for Christmas yet? Do you put your tree up right after Thanksgiving 
(like I do) or do you wait till later in the month?

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