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It is time to get in the spirit of Christmas. How you ask? Here are some ideas!

On the first day of Christmas: Get those Christmas cards written out. Include a special personal message in each one pertaining just to the recipient. Wish for them a happy holiday and that all they desire comes true in the new year.
On the second day of Christmas: Serve at the local soup kitchen. This above all, humbles me, and keeps me true and thankful.
On the third day of Christmas: Make cakes and pine cone feeders for the birds.
On the fourth day of Christmas: Make and bring a meal to friends. Especially one that is too busy {think new baby} - or - has been sick lately, or perhaps has just lost a loved one. It will be so appreciated.
On the fifth day of Christmas: Get things ready for a game night with friends. Not just any game! But a Christmas Photo Scanvenger Hunt!
On the sixth day of Christmas: Prepare your best hot chocolate and bring on the "Polar Express" Movie! 
It's party night! Break out the cookies and candies and have a wonderful night watching this classic movie.
On the seventh day of Christmas: Gingerbread -or- Rice Krispie Houses! Time to decorate them up! 
Whose will be the one voted the prettiest?
On the eighth day of Christmas: Write a letter. Get it off your chest-let it go. New Year, New beginnings.
On the ninth day of Christmas: Get ready for  that Cookie Exchange! What a busy day - the house will be full of fun and laughter... don't eat too many sweets!
On the tenth day of Christmas: Make the church sparkle – dust and polish the pews at the church. Once all the Poinsettas are delivered, it will simply look heavenly.
On the eleventh day of Christmas: Create something and give it to someone secretly.
On the twelfth day of Christmas: Attend the Festival of trees, drive around and enjoy the lights of the season, join in the fun at the holiday pops concert, then come home and open just one present. {It's always new pajamas}!

Illustration via; Anja Kroencke 

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