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Ornament Party...

Was a great success. Once again everyone had such a good time. There were several stations 
set up and everyone was given 20 minutes at each station to complete their ornament, 
then move on to the next station to create the next ornament! 
It really is great fun, and the things people think up each year are wonderful so inspirational! 
I had a very good time. It's really not that hard to plan for your own ornament party -

1. Figure out where you want to hold your party.
2. Choose the ornaments you will be creating
3. Collect all your materials-most of them are recycled!
4. Ask everyone to donate supplies needed
5. Determine the length of the party and how much time is needed.
6. Food. Most of the time we have a potluck-everyone brings tons!
7. Drinks. A big, cold, colorful delicious punch is always the way to go here!
8. Decide who coming. Adults? Children? Families? 

That's it! Pretty simple, and yet, even I have to admit that I am really used to going 
to all these different parties, they have certainly become tradition if nothing else. 
And I am pretty big on tradition believe it or not. 
The other thing to mention is that this party was for adults only-
but there is a separate children's ornament party on Saturday just for the kids!


But I am attending yet another afternoon party on Saturday-which is a wreath-making party. 
This is another yearly traditional party that I attend. And the best part is that I have learned 
to make the most beautiful wreaths to hang on the outside of my home for all winter long! 
I can't wait! 


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