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So, I should start by saying I wasn't really sure there would even be a tree this year. I went to a local nursery to pick out our tree, but I thought they all looked terrible. So, it was between getting out the artificial tree and using it as the main tree or take a hike into the woods to find the perfect tree. Yes, I elected to take a hike. Of course it was the muddiest and coldest day we've had so far... but I did it. After hours, I found the perfect tree... and I chopped it down. Then, I carefully bundled it up and brought it home. I can be really determined when the need arises I guess. 

Anyway, I got the tree home {I almost hit the neighbor who was out raking his leaves wearing camo next to the woods} gave it a fresh cut and put it in the tree stand – that is where the ease of the day ended. For some reason the tree weighed twice as much on one side then on the other side, and no matter how I positioned it in the tree stand, it listed to the heavy side. Finally, after a few hours of dancing around the tree, and trimming branches here and there I was finally able to make it stand tall and look great too. 

Of course, the entire time I was working on the tree I kept picturing myself looking a lot like the movie National Lampoons Christmas Vacation and wondering when the next catastrophe was going to happen. I even got tree sap in my hair. Yes, I was certainly rockin around the Christmas tree this year. Let's hope next year' s tree search goes a whole lot smoother! 


On a side note, it's been days since I got the tree and several showers and baths later, and I still smell like pine. What is with this stuff?

 It almost makes me wish that I had gone with one of these cute alternatives... maybe next year....

* All photos via Pinterest

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