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Tomorrow, we celebrate Saint Nicholas Eve. 
The tradition of Saint Nicholas Day of course is for children, particularly his reputation as the bringer of gifts .

De Goedheiligman
Saint Nicolas
Sinte Klaas
Kris Kringle
Father Christmas
Santa Claus

Whatever you want to call him, {he goes by many names} 
his day of celebration is December 6, or St. Nicholas Day. 
It is a feast day for the saint who inspired the legend of Santa Claus 

The historical Saint Nicholas is remembered and revered among Catholic and Orthodox Christians. 
He is also honored by various Anglican and Lutheran churches. Saint Nicholas is the patron saint 
of sailors, merchants, archers, thieves, and of course children.

There are many stories and traditions surrounding Santa,  you will find that they vary somewhat from country to country.  For some, like the Netherlands, Saint Nicholas’ Eve is the primary occasion for gift-giving. Children open presents that night. But most countries have some form of children putting their shoes either in front of the fireplace, or outside the front door before they go to bed and then waking up to find presents, typically small trinkets and sweets around the shoes on the morning of the 6th. The story says Sinterklaas brings presents to every good little boy or girl that have behaved themselves in the past year but in real life, all children receive gifts.

While feasts of Saint Nicholas are not observed nationally, States that have strong German influences like Iowa, Wisconsin, Missouri, and Illinois celebrate St. Nick's Day on a scale similar to the Germans.  Gifts often include chocolate gold coins to represent the gold St. Nick gave to the poor and small trinkets. In these areas the traditions of St. Nick's Day are firmly established with us as parents often continuing to observe the day with our adult children. We have many traditions we continue to honor year after year, I live for traditions, but more than that, they provide me with great comfort. I count on them, they do indeed bring me comfort and joy. How about you? Do your family traditions bring comfort to you as well?

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