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50 things...

In honor of this being my 50th year, I'm sharing my 50 intentions for the coming year! 

1. I will continue to eat healthily and increase my knowledge of nutrition to help me further my health. 2. Make more of an effort to incorporate whole grains, fresh veggie juices, leafy greens, and other more healthy foods into my daily diet. 3. Deepen my yoga practice and explore the possibility of trying other Yoga types as well.4. Continue a regular exercise routine everyday. 5. Enter a half-marathon 6. Exercise my creativity by making the time to draw, paint, or just to be creative in any way I choose to!  7. Indulge in regular artist's dates. 8. Expand my organic garden to include more herbs - and maybe even some more vegetables this year.  9. Start a weekly hike-in-the-woods ritual (I always find walking in the woods so restorative), or just walking somewhere new period. {Even an afternoon wandering through a new town can be good}  10. Expand my culinary know-how by trying one new recipe every week.  10A. Make "from scratch" meals at least 5 days a week  11. Re-examine my wardrobe and donate old, non-fitting clothes and any clothes that don't feel like "me" anymore. 12. Slowly add beautiful, high-quality "authentically me" pieces to my wardrobe. 12A. Accessorize more. {I have tons of jewelry-I need to wear it more often}  13. Deepen my friendships with people who uplift and inspire me. 14. Enjoy all of my relationships in all their forms. 15. Seek out outdoor adventures (kayaking, rafting,hiking, skiing, etc...oh, and I want to try snowboarding this year!) 16. Set up time for regular massages as least monthly. 17. Learn about holistic pet care and incorporate those practices into my care of Buddy. 18. Try acupuncture for the first time. 19. Be more conscious of my relationship with technology (specifically, be more selective about what I do online as opposed to just surfing around aimlessly)  19A. Unsubscribe myself from all things I really don't want.19B. Delete all accounts that I really don't use. 20. Finish a first draft of a cookbook with all of my very best recipes for the kids. 21. Continue to improve my photography skills by taking some classes as well. 22. Bring more laughter and play into my daily life. 23. Plan several more trips to parts of the U.S. that I have never been to before. (Maine and Oregon are both on my list) 24. Practice saying "no" to things I don't have time for or don't really want to do. 25. Include many important and meaningful things into my blog. 26. Find the perfect new hairstyle for me, 27. Drink tons more water.  28. Take my vitamins every day, 29. Start an arts and crafts night. 30.  Save more and spend less. Make a game of it. 31. Recycle everything. 32. Send more snail mail. 33. Host more dinner/game nights. 34. Start wearing sunblock. 35. Plant Rhubarb.  36. Attend as many outdoor concerts as possible. 37. Send more goody boxes to the kids.  38. Donate blood more often. 39. Travel somewhere on a whim.  40. Go on lots of photo outings.  41. Cook more-wear my apron more-come up with my own signature dish!  42. Reach my ideal weight, but love myself continually along the way. 43. Learn to say "no" sometimes, but to also challenge myself to say "yes" to many things I would normally not do {step out of my comfort zone} 44. Attend drop-in zumba classes.  45. Keep up with my journaling. 46. Give more. 47. Pray more. 48. Wear brighter colors.  49. Ride my bike more often whenever possible and get a basket on it to take Buddy with as well. 50.  Create Something New Everyday- I feel best when I am creating, so whether it's sewing a cute little pillow, re-purposing a piece of old furniture, baking a new dessert recipe, or making a fun scrapbook page layout,  it is essential to my sanity.

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