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Creative photo ideas!

I love playing with my camera, I'm actually just beginning to use it, and I 
found some wonderful ideas for couples that look really fun to do!

Often times, it's planning how to pose for pictures that is the hardest.
Having a plan of what you want is a good idea. So, try these!

  Get your your camera, tripod, etc; and favorite editing software ready.... here are:

Lauren from Busy Bee Lauren and her hubby on a picnic with a polaroid.
I really really really want to try to do a picture like this.

Hostess with the Mostess shows you how to MAKE this flashy little heart prop...
this could be cool (and a little less "valentiney") in black & white, too!

This would be a neat photo for any of you married/engaged college-goers
or college alums!  Rhiannon over at Hey Gorgeous featured this photo
from Onelove Photography.

I-love this I-Phone Kiss... Did you even know there was such a thing?
There is now. I found this HERE through SugarDoodle.
There are other versions floating around the web in color..

Fairytale Photo...I think so. (found via Tumblr) And guess what?
You can snap this one right in the middle of your Bookstore!
And then you'll live happily ever after...

Barefoot & Fancy Free....  I really love how playful this picture is!
If I couldn't see their feet on the ground, I'd think that their shadows
actually are leaping into the air for a kiss... (source)

Groom Sold Separately spelled this one out for us, 
but it's an easy photo to take for yourself.
Just grab your scrabble game and a mini tripod...oh, 
and while you're at it, how about a little Scrabble?

You can make each other happy, when skies are gray... How sweet is this?
(super sorry...I have no credit to this photo? anyone want to help me out?)

My husband is always asking for pictures where 
we don't just "stare at the camera and smile".
I think he would like this one from ISPWP Wedding Photos. 

I looove photos that capture a real-life story about a couple.
  You can draw inspiration from many other sweet,
fun-loving shots from Ashley Therese Photography.

...too cute for words --- from Candice K. Photography

From Post Cards & Pretties, this one's a little nerdy, retro, funky....and perfect!

You do the math. Brilliant photo found via Perfectly Practical Bride.

A nice sunset smooch!
 Sunsets are perfect opportunities for candid,
 lovey-dovey photos.

AND, finally....this one from sj2 photography,
how simple and sweet with the ampersand prop!
It's a perfect photo from engagement through 100 years of marriage
 to celebrate you & the one you love!

Think you'll try any of these? I'm going to!

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