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Get your friends together. 
Host a Favorite Things Exchange. 
It will be your favorite.  

Delicious food.  Yummy drinks.  Dear friends.  Great new finds. 

A quick reminder of how it works: Each person brings their favorite thing (anything you like.. your favorite lip gloss, favorite kitchen tool, favorite gift wrapping supply, a gift card for your favorite frozen yogurt, etc.). It can't cost more than $5, and
each person brings five of the same thing.

~Favorite Things Exchange~
Think of something that you LOVE that costs under $5. 
Bring five of that item. 
We will draw names and everyone 
will go home with five amazing new finds.

So, when I arrived at the party, I simply wrote my name on five slips of paper and then threw them into a big bowl. I set my goodies out on the display table for everyone to see! It's great to get a good look at everyone's favorite things! The bowl is then passed around, and each person takes five names (making sure you don't pick your own name - or - two of the same name).

Then, one at a time, we each introduced our favorite thing and explain a little bit about it, how much it costs, and of course where you can buy it at. Then, we read the five names we drew from the bowl, passing our gift to those five friends. After everyone has presented their favorite thing, each person should end up with five gifts to take home.

It's a very fun party, you are spending $25 total in gifts, but I think what makes it so fun is all the wonderful things you discover at these parties that you didn't even realize was out there. There are lots of things I would have never tried before had it not been for the fact that I received it here and tried it.

Now, you can make these parties as big or as little as you want to. There have been times that each of us were asked to bring our favorite bottle of wine to share as well and snacks were provided. Other times, we made this party a potluck, once it was a dessert we each brought, and another time was an appetizer party-so, as you can see, as far as food goes, the possibilities are endless.

Also, there have been "themed" parties, such as "your favorite make-up", or "cooking", as I said the ideas are endless and always lots of fun! I think one of my favorites was the "book" party where everyone brought their top 5 favorite books....lots of good reading happened after that! 

So, what did everyone bring this year? Look below. I made a collage to show you some of the many different products, lots of goodies ...

Jersey bracelets, Indian dream catchers, hummingbird feeder, flamingo bubble night light, travel teas, ceramic hanging balls, artistic notebooks, mardi-gras mask, sandalwood soap, insulated cup with your favorite dog, bamboo back scratcher, Chico re-usable bags, hippie hair wraps, and an E.L.F. make up kit.

I think next month we are doing another one of these parties. Only the theme is "hand-made" so we
have to "create" 5 of the same items...that should be interesting and fun! And we still have a $5 limit
so I will have to get looking for some good ideas!

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