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I mark on a calendar every day that I cry. I also write down my mood for the day.
Something like;  hopeful, nostalgic, angry, happy. 
For the past seven days, I have written a single word: sad.

I do remember when we sat along Lake Michigan. Just last Spring, 
and I let you talk for hours about your dreams for us. 
So sure that we were always meant to be together.
Do you still believe in fortune tellers? I do too.


I know that you are lonely. Surrounded by family, friends, fans -
you are still indeed the loneliest man that I know.

And so, it is merely a question I think that all of us struggle with....
Do we keep changing and growing no matter how old we are?
Or, do we just become set in our ways, plant ourselves where we are
and begin to grow old? We are indeed set in our ways are we not?

For myself, in this new year, I have decided that I am not ready to
just sit still and grow old. No. Instead, I will make each day a new
adventure in some way, do all the things I dream of doing...and...
if love and new relationships come along the way...I will not shy
away from them. Instead, I will welcome everything with open arms.
This years mantra; Be brave.

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