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I try very hard to be very good at everything.
If I could, I would help everyone.
I'd like to be able to do everything for everyone.
I'm definitely a people person.

I know of so many people who just need a little help
like, a ride to the store, or to the Doctor and 
it makes me feel good when I can help out.
But, the truth is, I just can't do it all.

not all the time.
I'm burnt out. I can feel it.
I'm finding myself a little bitter 

because people expect too much.

And whose fault is that?
All. mine.
I've said yes far too many times 

when I should have said no.

Someone once said "Just because something is 

worthwhile doesn't mean you have to be doing it."
That is so very right.

It's hard sitting on a pedestal and I'd like to get down now.

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