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Winter Sun Catchers....

This is the perfect project for the cold and frigid days we've been having lately. 
I have found so many good ideas online that I wanted to share with you the many 
ways to make a winter sun catcher!
{Instructions Below}


In general, here are the basic material that you will need:
Foil trays, or pie plates
An assortment of bags, trays, plates, or bins
Shoelaces, ribbon, string for hanging
Snippets of evergreen branches
Pinecones, pine needles, acorns
Any outdoor material you desire really {berries?}
Orange and lemon slices {or dried orange peels}
Cinnamon sticks
Fresh, or frozen cranberries 


First, from found HERE 


From Rhythm of the home... found HERE

From Ordinary life magic... found HERE

And, lastly from Apartment therapy found HERE



Basic Instructions...
Fill each dish approximately half full with water. 
Place string or yarn, leaving a loop on top for hanging. 
Put each dish in the freezer or leave outside overnight. 
When frozen, pull sun catcher out of dish and hang outdoors 
Watch the sun shine through your sun catcher


Aren't these gorgeous? I'm going to try my hand at making some of these
Are you? If so, I would love to see what you created! Send me pics!

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