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500 Romantic Ideas........and growing

 Dance classes ~ keeps you on your toes ~ and gives you a wonderful excuse to get close and intimate and enjoy a new skill together. Amusement park. Between roller coasters and haunted houses, an amusement park gives you another fun excuse to be clingy without suffering repercussions. Try something different for dinner tonight. A new restaurant?  A new recipe?  Anything new will spark renewed interest so long as it is anything different than the everyday.
Take a walk. Hold hands and have the kind of conversation you’ve been missing.  A perfect chance to discuss hopes and dreams and strengthen your bond. Rent a boat.  Think gondolas in Italy, and let the waves and sea air intoxicate the both of you into googly-eyed bliss. Do something active that requires hands on activity.  Try a hiking class or even a fun wrestling match. Ice Skating. Many cities keep their rinks open year round, and this is just another fun way to get some hands on activity into your date, blow off some steam, and have fun watching each other make fools of yourself. Painting. Nothing inspires romance more than a little creative outlet.  Take a painting class or stay home and have all the fun with some sexy body paints. Take a scenic drive. No better forum for open communication and a shared appreciation of nature and all that it offers. Go to the Theater.  Women love to dress up, and it sets a beautiful tone for romance and togetherness.  Be sure that you attend a show or play with a strong schmaltzy love story. Cook a meal together.  Cooking with your mate is intimate, sexy, and can be very romantic.  Feed each other tidbits as you do so, and if you think things are going to get heated, choose a recipe that needs to sit in the oven for a bit so that you can work up an appetite with each other while it’s cooking. Wine tasting. Combine culture, wine, and the finer things of life in a lovely Sunday afternoon. Learning something new is a fun bonding experience for the both of you. Aquariums. While it may not sound all that romantic, aquariums have exotic life forms that will awe and inspire you. Watch the dance of the dolphins or simply enjoy some majestic whales. You will be surprised at how romantic enjoying natural beauty can be. Foreign or Art House Movie. Even if you don’t like art or foreign films, consider this.  A large room that is dark, intimate, and sexy.  Pick a French film if you can. You’ll understand why. Plan a Theme Night.  Pick a theme for one night and stick to it, arranging your entire night such as meals, movies, and post-date activity around this theme. Poker Night for Two! Gambling always raises the stakes and keeps things interesting.  The bolder couple can go with strip poker here. Horseback riding. What is it about this activity that is so romantic? Try it once and you will be hooked. Go to the beach. Even in the winter! Bundle up and walk by the seashore holding hands and enjoying the soft crash of the waves. Music Festivals. Rock the day or night away to your favorite bands.    Throw a cocktail party. Entertaining together will make you feel like a couple and renew or ignite a significant bonding experience. Have a spa day. Nothing says romance like getting pampered.Hot tub anyone? Do you really need to be told how romantic this is? Find one at your local spa.
Take a road trip! Put a pin in a map and get in the car and go there. No rules allowed! Spend the night at a hotel. Hotel dates are romantic because they seem forbidden and a little taboo. If you’ve been dating or married a while, this will definitely bring the spark back.  Kick it up a notch by role playing or pretending you are strangers. Play Truth or Dare!  Again, no rules allowed and no explanation required here.  Plan a date that includes some of your lover’s favorite places and activities – it shows that you have been listening to them! Let your date pick the movie for a change – even if blowing up zombies might not be your idea of romance. Make a list together of places in your area that you’ve always wanted to go. Make it your goal to cross one place off that list each month. Book a couple’s massage. If you have a hobby you really enjoy, share it with your partner – make it fun for them to come along, but don’t feel bad if they decide not to join you a second time. Let your partner teach you about the hobbies they enjoy, too. In the fall, go apple picking at a local orchard. Tour a local brewery or winery.  Attend a charity ball together – it gives you the chance to dress up and dance the night away while helping a good cause.
Find out when your lover’s favorite band is touring, and go see their show – in another city! It turns a concert into an adventure. Go to a theme park together and spend the day acting like kids. Enjoy a walk together at the local arboretum when the flowering trees are blooming. Visit the local zoo when all the baby animals have just arrived.  Go to a museum together. Share your opinions on what you see, and enjoy learning more about your lover. Tell your lover how to dress for the occasion but don’t share your plans. It will keep them on their toes all day! Go dancing at a club that has dance lessons before the band starts. That way you can learn some new steps together. Rent a limo and have it pick up your lover after work, then whisk them away for a tour of some of your city’s architectural and natural highlights. See a play together. Attend the opener for your lover’s favorite sports team. Go to the orchestra. If classical music isn’t your thing, the person at the box office can probably recommend a performance that features more modern music. Take a cooking class together.Do some research. Ask around for a little-known hot spot and surprise your lover with a date there. Visit a jazz bar and spurge on the extra nice wine. Many cities have elegant boat cruises on a nearby lake or river. Make sure your date brings a coat or a wrap for after sunset! Book an elegant suite at the nicest hotel in town. Have flowers and Champagne waiting in the room, and enjoy an evening in. Schedule a couples massage for just the two of you!, Go for a long drive in the country wearing a sexy dress or skirt.  Find a secluded road side and take it from there…and by the way, tell your honey him nothing of your intentions until the heat is on. If you wake up in the middle of the night, light a candle and slowly start running your fingers through his hair until it wakes him up. Tell him you have a present hidden on your body (make sure you have one).  And then walk away. Packing your lovers lunch? or his briefcase, or have access to anything he may use during the day, stuff some nude shots of yourself where he will find it. When your love is taking his shower in the morning, run the towel he has hanging for himself in the dryer for a few minutes. When you are watching TV one night, reach over and rub his feet for no reason at all. Have his favorite drink mixed for him for when he arrives home, he will be grateful. Send a sexy text, with picture attached, to him during the workday. Sleep beside each other naked.
Buy some special lingerie and give it to him to unwrap, with the promise that you’ll wear it on your date that night. The age-old love letter will work every time. Hand write this one.
Draw your lover a bubble bath. The more accessories you add here, candles, perfumed shampoos, and wine, the more points you will scoreRent a two person bike and take a long bike ride together. Finish with a picnic. Slow dance to your song. Don’t have a song? Today’s a good day to make one together. Have sex someplace you never have before.  A different room in the house is a good start, why not take it outdoors or someplace public? Have a professional photographer take some alluring shots of you, and give it to your partner framed as a gift. Two words – liquid latex.  You can pick it up at any sex store, and well…once you have it on hand, be creative with how you use it. Fireside love.  Rent a room with a fireplace and make love by it all night long. Whatever you do tonight, the only rules you should have are no cell phone, no land line, and no computer period end of story. Induct the “No Clothing” rule, meaning, as soon as you are both home for the day, the clothes come off. No matter what. Tell each other a sexy secret.  When you’re naked. Write your lover a poem – even if it isn’t perfect, they’ll appreciate the effort! Find out what food and scents work as an aphrodisiac, and incorporate them into your evening. Give your lover a list of items to pack, but don’t tell them the destination. Order some custom-printed candy hearts with special messages from you to your lover. Try your hand at making homemade sweets. Your lover will appreciate the effort, even if the outcome isn’t perfect! Create a jar of wishes. Put pretty slips of paper in the jar. You can just put 12 pieces - one for each month , 52 for each week or 365 for each day. It works in a similar way to love coupons. The wishes might be simple like a hug or kiss or maybe you have to do the washing up or wash the car. What ever your partner wishes for you must comply with! Plan a picnic - indoors or out. If the weather is unsuitable grab your blanket and surround it with potted plants to make it feel like your out doors. Candlelight only please. You could also stick some glow in the dark stars on the ceiling to help get the outdoors feeling. Watch a romantic movie together. Hold hands and cuddle up on the couch. How about a scavenger hunt? Use a length of yarn leading to hidden clues or little gifts eventually leading to the main prize. Or you could use a trail of rose petals. What's the major prize? You - of course. Try wrapping yourself up in a big red bow. Try naming a Star after your partner. Take a book that your partner is currently reading and, using a pencil, underline letters in a section of the book she has yet to read to spell out a secret message of "I love you" or an entire love letter. For something really unique: You can buy special plants that grow and after 14 days display a message of your choice on the leaf. Pick some wildflowers on the way home. Never under estimate the romantic power of the gift of flowers. Even grasses and roadside weeds can make an appealing arrangement. Take a walk by the light of the moon,
Read some poetry together, Slip away from a party or family gathering and smooch. Snuggle on a rainy day. Getting cozy when the rain is pouring down is very romantic. Add a crackling fire or a book of love stories to read out loud to each other and you will approach epic romance. Make a point of S-L-O-W-L-Y kissing EVERY inch of your lover’s body. Email your lover every single day with a personal loving thought, anecdote or romantic love quote. Take a nap together. Sometimes all we need is Permission to Nap. Give it to each other and go ahead, get cozy! Who knows what might arise between the two of you after a wee rest? [wink], Make a comprehensive list of everything you love about him or her. Look at it often!, Write your sweetheart a check for one million kisses. Make love on a sheepskin in front of the fire.
Spend an evening remembering and telling stories from your past together. If you run out, include stories from your childhood that your mate has never heard. Spend an hour experimenting with different kissing techniques, Give your sweetheart a foot bath followed by a soothing foot rub, Write words of love in the condensation on the mirror while your love takes a shower. No condensation? Use lipstick! Leave a note: “I knew I loved you when…”, Treat your love to a fashion show followed by a strip tease, Ask your sweetheart to pick a number between one and fifty. Shower them with that many kisses. Spontaneous picnic & concert grab a chilled bottle of champagne, a couple of plastic glasses, some cheese and a blanket, and head to the park for a show you think your date will love. But don't let him know where you're going! He'll be wowed by your spontaneity and consideration for their music taste. Bonus: Make a CD with a mix of songs that were played at the concert as a gift! Brunch in bed So throw on a couple of aprons, or, if it's an especially frisky morning, perhaps cook in your underwear Fry up a few eggs, make a plate of French toast or waffles with powdered sugar and fruit, and squeeze some fresh juice -- if you're really feeling relaxed, mix it with champagne for a tasty batch of mimosas. Pack a sunset picnic.Burn a CD with Love Songs, Give dark chocolates. Prepare strawberries with fondue chocolate.Get good wine and watch the shooting stars,  Take a bath together (use bubbles!). Make a scrapbook with photos, mementos, and little notes from you lives together. Ride a Ferris wheel. Bring home great take-out, and light some candles. Slow dance to romantic music. Kiss slowly, touching his or her back and neck and nape — slowly.Feed each other grapes.
paint each other with flavored body paint. Be creative! Hold hands, and walk somewhere with lots of pretty lights. Say I love you. In a different way, every day.
Blindfold your partner. Use a feather. Slowly. Fruit or berries and freshly made whipped cream. A date at your favorite coffee shop, go canoeing, take an afternoon and go to the zoo {gotta love those monkeys!} learn to para-sail together,
travel to a state fair {and enjoy all the fried foods!} pick fruit together at a local orchard, go roller-blading or rollerskating, carve pumpkins together for Halloween, go on a hiking trip together, color eggs together for Easter, tour of local historic places, build a snowman together, see a local air-show,
visit an arcade and play games, slurp ice-cream on a hot day, go on a date to the local comedy club for some laughs, go boating together on a nice, clear day, The classic “dinner and a movie” date, sharing old pictures from your childhood, go to a planetarium or science center, sightseeing drive on a nice day, ride in a horse-drawn carriage, visit vintage book stores, join a gym and exercise together, karaoke bar for some singing, build a sandcastle together at the beach, wash your cars together, go to your local pool or swimming hole, try go-cart riding together! , walk your dogs together, visit a target shooting or a shooting range together, go on An overnight date at a nearby bed-and-breakfast, go sledding on a snowy day, visit a local winery, go to local garage sales or flea markets to go treasure hunting, go skydiving together, take a romantic hot air balloon ride, play Frisbee together at the park, go to a rock concert, Enjoy local culture at an art walk, Go ice skating. Whether at an indoor or outdoor skating rink, stumbling into the arms of your partner is sure to get both of your pulses racing. Hold hands while you skate and try to match each others’ stride as a romantic challenge to see how in tune you can be together. Afterwards, warm up and connect over a cup of coffee or hot chocolate, Visit the botanical garden. Winter or summer, gardens are a great place for romantic date ideas. In winter, many botanical gardens have indoor hothouses, and the exercise from walking together in a tropical room will get you both warmed up. In summer, many botanical gardens have long, private trails that you can enjoy as a couple. Many even offer secluded benches at intervals for couples exploring romantic date ideas to sit down together and talk surrounded by the beautiful scenery. Go out to dinner backwards. Go to an area that has an ice cream, pastry, and candy store within walking distance of each other. Start the evening by going to a place where you can just sit, relax, and talk for as long as you want. Then when you’re ready, go shopping for dessert! Go to each one of stores and just look around and take in the wonderful fragrances. When you’re done, talk about your favorites in as much detail as you’re inspired to do. Finally, go back, buy a couple, and savor each bite! Next, go to a nice restaurant, but instead of dinner order several hor'dourves! If you’re still hungry after all that go ahead and order dinner, Create “intimacy” by mutually agreeing to answer a special question. I’ve used this question with only a few very special women and the outcome was amazing. Here’s the question:“Would you create a list of 10 things that best describes me using single words or phrases, if I do the same for you?”, Rent a convertible and take a long scenic drive with the top down!, Go skinny-dipping! Go to a local ice cream shop and share a sundae together,  Have a squirt gun fight. Whoever wins gets a romantic treat of their choice!,  Stay at a five-star hotel and spend the day in pool-side luxury,  Go water-skiing or try jet-skiing!,  Cool off by making the day margarita day! Blend your favorite mixes and enjoy!,  Spend a lazy day at the park with your honey. Picnic next to a lake or even take out a row boat and relax, Lay on your rooftop at night and find the the stars/constellations together while you're cuddling in each other's arms. Spend a lazy day lounging on the beaches and have a wonderful moonlit picnic that night. Just think, the crashing waves in your ear, stars in the eyes of your loved one, warm sand on your skin... and of course great food!, sitting in the park under a shady tree with that special someone reading poetry to each other. Go to a drive in theater!,
Pretend that you are tourists for the day. Dress in tropical attire (or something obviously touristy) Purchase a tour book of your city and set out to see the sites. Don't forget to take along the camera for some goofy, but unforgettable pictures. You may want to visit museums, the zoo, historical cites, known tourist traps, etc. This is so much fun, because you may have never gotten around to see the things that you take for granted in your city, state, or town, buy a tent and go camping in the woods! It's very private and it would be a great way to spend some quality time with the one you love! Be sure to get a double sleeping bag to keep nice and cozy!, Remember to say "I love you" and "I  need you" often. Walk hand in hand in the rain.Call a radio station and dedicate a favorite song.Make heart-shaped cinnamon toast for breakfast.Give a foot massage.Buy a stuffed animal for your honey. Read each other's horoscopes. Tattoo your love's name on your body. Send a mushy message in a bottle...a balloon...a sandwich...Shower together.Be the first to say "I'm sorry" and kiss and make up.Give each other a full-body massage.Act like teenagers. Maybe even pierce something!Play Scrabble® together, using as many "love" words as you can.Watch an old black and white romantic movie and share a bowl of popcorn.An unexpected hug can brighten any day.Bring home a balloon bouquet.Serve breakfast in bed.Make an ornament with a picture of both of you for the Christmas tree.Plant a garden together.
Make angels in the snow. Take a drive in the country. Cast a playful wink any time, anywhere. Celebrate your half-birthdays together.Put a picture of both of you in your wallet.
Buy them favorite book or CD for no reason at all.carve your initials in a tree.Make a fire in the fireplace and roast marshmallows.Hide favorite candy in your partner's coat pockets.Draw a silly picture of the two of you. Frame it......

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