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Burned out.......

burned out.
burned to a crisp
burned alive
burnt offerings
burned beyond all recognition
I got burnt
burned at the stake
my heart burns for you
burning the candle at both ends
burn your bridges
burn the midnight oil
burn up
crash and burn
money to burn
play with'll get burned
burn in hell
burning desire

It's burnout when you go to bed exhausted every night and wake up tired every morning.
When no amount of sleep seems to be enough. It's burnout when everything becomes an effort,
when you find yourself irritable, having fits, bursting into tears or feeling rage at the very slightest
of provocations.

Burnout is a true condition caused by unbalance. Perhaps too much work or responsibility, too
little time to do everything that needs to be done ~ over too long a period.

Sometimes burnout can manifest itself as a sense of complete exhaustion. It often begins with
illness, anything from a bout of the flu you can't shake to extreme fatigue and even depression.

It's burnout when you dread the next phone call, when you feel trapped and hopeless, unable
to dream or experience pleasure. It's burnout when neither the big thrills nor the little moments
have the power to move you, when nothing satisfies you because you do not have a clue one
what is wrong or how to fix it. You only know everything is wrong, that something is just terribly
out of whack. When you feel that there is not one other person that can help you.

In a lot of ways you are right. Because you are the only person who can help you. Bring things
to a halt, take things slow, walk the slower path. Do this for you.

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