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DIY stiped Ombre Heart Pillow

A great DIY pillow with tutorial originally found HERE
Truly though, new pillows can do wonders for giving a lift to your home design. 
Add some ombre and a heart to the pillow lineup and you've hit the jackpot. 
 Obviously this one is in celebration of Valentine's Day, but this beauty can
perch happily on my couch for the remainder of the year. 


-heart stencil
-red fabric paint
-white fabric paint
-foam stencil brush
-paint tray
-white envelope pillow cover
-pillow form
-cardboard insert
-painters tape

1) Insert your cardboard piece into the pillow cover (I used this tutorial to make the
envelope pillow cover... it seriously the easiest sewing project, ever). Center your heart
stencil in the middle. Using 1 inch pieces of tape, tape around the stencil in the heart
shape. Next, tape off your stripes inside the tape heart to your desired width.
2) Squeeze a generous amount of red fabric paint onto your tray (in my case my heart
stencil double as my paint tray). Starting from the bottom, paint your first stripe red.
Next, add about two generous drops of white paint into the red paint and mix well.
Paint your next stripe. Add another two drops of paint, mix well, and paint the next
stripe. Continue this process until finished.
3) Allow the paint to try for at least 2 hours. Once dry, remove the tape and cardboard 
insert. Place your heart cover on your pillow form and show off that sassy new pillow. 
After all, it's the cutest pillow you now own.

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