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DIY Suncatcher.....

Isn't this simply gorgeous! It was found HERE at One crafty Momma-and it is fabulous!

She used 24 gauge wire to wrap it in when she was done.

After looking over several tutorials I have put together my own-hope it helps!

1. First, decide on a shape you want your sun catcher to be.
You can use light weight disposable aluminum molds but
you can also use cookie cutters, pie tins or just free form it!

2. Just apply one thin layer of very cheap translucent pony beads
at the bottom of the pan, Try to fill the entire area the best you can
 to avoid holes {but holes look good too!}.

3. Melt the beads at 425 for approximately 25 minutes.
The time needed to melt the beads will depend on a few
factors, size of your beads and your oven. Less melting
times = the beads holding more of their original shape.
More melting time = more blending.

Be aware that there will be toxic fumes caused from this so make sure windows 
are opened and the room is able to be aired out good. If you can use an old toaster
oven plugged in outside or, in your open garage I would recommend that because
it does let out serious fumes.

Here are some pictures of other melted bead sun catchers-as you can see the possibilities
 are simply endless!  They are all so beautiful! You can even make them into a mobile! I can't
help but think how uplifting these will look hanging from my window with the sunshine
pouring in even though it is so cold outside - it will warm my heart!


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