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Sunday night blues...

Do you feel like weekends are much too short? That it can't be almost over already? Me too.
It's very normal to feel a little let down as the weekend draws to a close. Here are some ways you 
can beat that melancholy mood from becoming too overwhelming.

 First, slow down. Anxiety is all about the future and the unknown it brings with it, but 
living in the here and now will put you in a calmer mind-set. Eat dinner slowly, make Sunday 
night a fun game night with friends, but call it an early night to slowly ease yourself into a 
good nights sleep. If you make this a regular event you'll find yourself actually looking 
forward to Sunday night.

Most important I think is to plan something special on Monday. Make it "movie night", or 
go and get a massage with a friend, or a mani/pedi appointment, or go out for a drink. But, 
its much easier to look forward to Mondays with fun things planned for them that's for sure. 
Try it!

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