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Time for the weekend....

The moment you lose interest in learning is the minute you risk becoming stagnant. So read.
Volunteer. Go to museums. Take a class. Meditate. Never stop educating yourself and you'll
be the most interesting person you know!

Take back your weekends. Every weekend most of us assume we'll get the right amount of
meaningful activities - but still have time for spontaneous fun....right. 

I would suggest you kind of just go with the's almost like a childlike state in which
you are so lost in an activity that you no longer think or care about how you look or what
you're achieving, and you separate yourself from your problems and stresses. Diving
headfirst into something creative {no matter what you choose to do} will stimulate your
mind and make it easier to relax.

Make sure you set up time for chores. Before you ever even start a string of to-do's think
about which ones are absolutely necessary. Ask yourself; Will my world come to a swift
and abrupt end if I do this tomorrow? Must it be done today? Obvious answer; No. When
you start your chores give yourself a set amount of time like; I will clean the bathroom in
10 minutes, the living room in 15 minutes - that's it - you're done! Goes much faster. Plus,
everything gets done. 

Also, I would suggest a technical time-out. I know. Easier said than done, I'm really bad
too - but limiting how often you check your cell is really a must if you want to decompress.
Just looking at messages can leave you stressed.

And last. Just be good enough not perfect. Maybe you can't cook all your meals from scratch
but, you can make a healthy breakfast to start your day - and then - order in for dinner!

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