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Average number of hours online?

29 That's the average number of hours that American adults spend online each month. 
And, to be honest with you, I think that is a very conservative figure. 

I know that I myself spend hours online even after a workday sometimes. 
But a real danger is the real exposure to flashing graphics and advertisements ~ 
it's enough to make your head burst. 
I personally downloaded a free app called readability for my 
computer and my phone that makes it a lot easier to read. 

All I have to do is select my preferred font size 
and margins, and the program clears up the page and converts it into an easy
to real alternative. Try it. you just make like it.

Things like this always make me wonder; What other pleasures do we
repeatedly push aside, rationalizing that there's not enough time in the
day, week, or month to squeeze them in?

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