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Just when you thought it was over.....
It is at this moment raining ice. No, it has not turned in to snow yet... but it will. That is the forecast, but, For now, it is raining down ice upon the streets and the sidewalks just enough to cause great difficulty in trying to get anywhere. Or, say, take the dog for a walk safely without slipping and falling. And the weather service is warning people to stay home and off the streets for today. The schools have cancelled due to the ice. Kids must be thrilled.....and still sleeping now!
I actually sort of love being snowbound or icebound. It's such a cozy feeling, isn't it? I'm planning to use the extra time around the house to catch up on chores and re-arrange my exercise room, as well as do some cooking, baking, reading, and relaxing. And did I mention relaxing? I recently began watching "Once upon a time" and the whole first year is on Netflix, so I may start that today. {That way I can start at the beginning} So tonight I'll be making Broccoli-Cheddar soup, with a salad and homemade bread, drinking wine, delving into Once upon a time, and watching as the snow blankets everything for miles around.
What's everyone else up to this wintry day? I hope whatever you do, you have a lovely time. And if you're in an area that's due for snow - enjoy!

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