:: Blue Skies and white clouds ::

As I was enjoying that sweet, long-lost feeling of the sun warming my back, I sat and listened to all the birds singing and pondered for the first time, the obvious transformations that begin to occur in my mind when I start to hear the spring songs of birds.  My mind is more hopeful...serene.  Engaged.  Less worrisome.  Those cold, silent winter days have their own feelings...their own vibe that feels like drawing in and being still.

Doesn't It seem at times, that the earth lives and dies just for our sake...our love and our growth. It's a feeling that happens on the level of the heart...not the intellect.  Sort of  like being in love...if you're not sure, you think you might be but if you really are, you know it with every fiber of your being.

And, happily, I already know that this year will be better than last.  My garden will be even lusher, and now...I'm going to thumb through my many garden catalogs and start ordering all the supplies.  


:: Things are a little out of hand ::

Things are really weird lately.  There has been some kind of eerie flux taking place.  
I make sense of life by organizing but this random list is the best I can do right now...

  • I'm taking the day off for personal reasons and I feel guilty.  As in genuine, "I really shouldn't be absent at such a critical time...my absence will leave holes in the success of my company."  This is strange to me.  It implies I care about my work.  This has never happened before.
  • I no longer feel trapped.  But this bothers me.  I feel I've been distracted from the things I want out of life because I'm focused on working.  But I don't feel trapped by working.  This is plain confusing.
  • I've been feeling wildly, ravenously hungry for something.  But I don't know what that something is.  And it's not food.
  • I am grateful and smug at the same time.  These two things are not harmonious together.

What the hell is going on?????? 


:: Five wonderful culinary blogs ::

If you were seriously considering the process of preparing and cooking as a creative act, 
then you just need inspiration. In childhood, we were inspired by the immortal Book of tasty 
and healthy food, then won the hearts of girls all over - Jamie Oliver.
But if you learn to cook yourself or have already mastered the difficult practice of cooking
 culinary masterpieces for inspiration and then get the experience of foreign colleagues in the kitchen, it is necessary to monitor trends. And here, of course, a blog to help. Culinary blogs are a great many - depending on the author's concepts and ideas. Here are 5 beautiful and inspiring blogs that just bring you a tasty dose of inspiration.

 Food Porn Daily,   http://foodporndaily.com/
The founders of the genre appetizing photos. Many inspiring and 
incredibly delicious food photos.

                 4283427_110630ms01 (500x357, 37Kb)
Wedding photographer Jennifer Causey of New York likes to take pictures 
and prepare breakfast. She combined these two classes in his blog.

                4283427_6_15_11 (500x334, 43Kb)

Delicious Days, deliciousdays.com
Authors Delicious Days - Nicky and Oliver, living in Munich. In 2009, 
this blog has been included in the top 50 culinary blogs in the world by The Times.

           4283427_8juli_blog32 (500x333, 31Kb)

Canelle et vanille, cannelle-vanille.blogspot.com
Cannelle Et Vanille - blog resident of France, who moved to the U.S. 
in 1998. In the autumn she will be released the first real cookbook.

              4283427_header_breakfast (500x309, 22Kb) 

Breakfast of 365 Days  http://365daysofbreakfast.blogspot.com/

Another blog about the breakfasts, this time a young Swedish girl.  
She has all strictly conceptual - Photo breakfast each day and the song-spirits.



I simply cannot believe it is already Friday. Where did the week go?
I feel like I didn't do anything, or accomplish as much as I would
have liked to. I'm trying to think of what I would like to do...here
is what I have come up with so far...

♥ start the 365 project again
♥ dance until dawn
♥ host another favorites party
♥ start an inspiration journal
♥ get to grips with photoshop
♥ buy some vintage clothes
♥ say yes to all opportunities
♥ write a snail mail letter
♥ create something fabulous
♥ have a photo wandering day
♥ travel somewhere new {make plans}
♥ try a new recipe
♥ buy plants for my garden {or seeds}
♥ do something unexpected
♥ take a midnight walk
♥ watch the sunrise
♥ have an indulgent weekend at home

What are your plans for the weekend? 



All images from Pinterest

It was nice enough today to get my bike out and go for a ride!!! Which got me to thinking about my life with bicycles. Each summer, way back when I was young, my bike and I were inseparable.  It was a true love affair.  The sound of the wheels on the gravel, the clicking of the gear chain, the squeak of the brakes all added to the spirit of adventure that I used to feel every time I rode.

Nothing could possibly beat the wind in my hair and the sun on my face as I covered ground, both familiar and new places I had never been before. As childhood gave way to adulthood and summer holidays gave way to motherhood, that sense of spirit and adventure seemed to slip away.  I rode less and my bike began it's gradual retreat into the dark recesses of the garage. . . forgotten, gathering dust. I think one of my nieces may have finally taken it.

After years of not riding, I felt myself longing for that feeling, the one that only a bike can give you. So, I a few years back, I bought myself a beautiful bike and hit the paths near my home. Memories came flooding back as I once again experienced the freedom that riding gives you and was left wondering why I hadn't done it sooner. The plus: it provides such wonderful exercise. But, even that cannot begin to compare to the feelings that wash over you as your riding along and the happy memories return.