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:: Blue Skies and white clouds ::

As I was enjoying that sweet, long-lost feeling of the sun warming my back, I sat and listened to all the birds singing and pondered for the first time, the obvious transformations that begin to occur in my mind when I start to hear the spring songs of birds.  My mind is more hopeful...serene.  Engaged.  Less worrisome.  Those cold, silent winter days have their own feelings...their own vibe that feels like drawing in and being still.

Doesn't It seem at times, that the earth lives and dies just for our sake...our love and our growth. It's a feeling that happens on the level of the heart...not the intellect.  Sort of  like being in love...if you're not sure, you think you might be but if you really are, you know it with every fiber of your being.

And, happily, I already know that this year will be better than last.  My garden will be even lusher, and now...I'm going to thumb through my many garden catalogs and start ordering all the supplies.  

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