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I simply cannot believe it is already Friday. Where did the week go?
I feel like I didn't do anything, or accomplish as much as I would
have liked to. I'm trying to think of what I would like to
is what I have come up with so far...

♥ start the 365 project again
♥ dance until dawn
♥ host another favorites party
♥ start an inspiration journal
♥ get to grips with photoshop
♥ buy some vintage clothes
♥ say yes to all opportunities
♥ write a snail mail letter
♥ create something fabulous
♥ have a photo wandering day
♥ travel somewhere new {make plans}
♥ try a new recipe
♥ buy plants for my garden {or seeds}
♥ do something unexpected
♥ take a midnight walk
♥ watch the sunrise
♥ have an indulgent weekend at home

What are your plans for the weekend? 


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