:: A new season ::

As I often feel with the coming of a new season,

it's an opportunity for fresh starts and new beginnings.

The options are endless (and, hey, if we fall short,

there's always the next season, am I right?).

One reason I'm welcoming this summer with wide, open arms is because my

Spring was a particularly inward one. Coming off the quietness of that time in my life,

I'm seeking out any and all opportunities that allow me to explore the following:

risk, possibility and momentum. Just the thought of it all makes me want to get up and go!

How about you? Are you welcoming this summer?


If your week has thus far left something to be desired, there is still time to turn it around. 
Just go here and press the button and make the rest of your week something you’re excited about.

I believe....

  ♥  that the day does not start until I've had lots of coffee
♥    that it's perfectly fine to eat cereal for every meal
♥    in paying good money for good shoes
  ♥  that our education system is failing the next generation
♥    that sometimes its ok to use your looks to get ahead
♥    that coincidences are God's way of taking control
♥    that nude pumps go with every outfit
♥    in the power of positive thinking and prayer
♥    in making your own family

It's been some week hasn't it? It has been a long, frustrating, week for me in truth, 
but,  I am determined to get through this too. Should I just push the button?


Do you think that it is really ok...

:: to forget you promised to do something but then do it at last minute and it turn out great!
:: to eat one small piece of chocolate every day?
:: to look at your caller ID and decide you are not in the mood to talk and hit that red button?
:: to wonder what it would have been like had you not ____  ? {insert random thought here}
:: to sometimes you feel all alone even when you're surrounded by people?
:: to think that eating two heaping scoops of chocolate ice cream is the answer?
:: to worry that what you want most in the world seems to be the hardest thing to get?
:: to believe that sometimes your life is just meh?
:: to walk away from an argument because you know there is no good ending?
:: to dress up your dog for Halloween {or any other day for that matter}
:: to ponder the meaning of life at odd hours of the day and night?
:: to close your door so as to avoid the whole world?
:: to just trust in God and follow the path he has set for you? {even when its hard}?

 Just wondering......



:: My lovely peonies ::

One day it looked like this...

The very next day... it looked like this!