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Do you think that it is really ok...

:: to forget you promised to do something but then do it at last minute and it turn out great!
:: to eat one small piece of chocolate every day?
:: to look at your caller ID and decide you are not in the mood to talk and hit that red button?
:: to wonder what it would have been like had you not ____  ? {insert random thought here}
:: to sometimes you feel all alone even when you're surrounded by people?
:: to think that eating two heaping scoops of chocolate ice cream is the answer?
:: to worry that what you want most in the world seems to be the hardest thing to get?
:: to believe that sometimes your life is just meh?
:: to walk away from an argument because you know there is no good ending?
:: to dress up your dog for Halloween {or any other day for that matter}
:: to ponder the meaning of life at odd hours of the day and night?
:: to close your door so as to avoid the whole world?
:: to just trust in God and follow the path he has set for you? {even when its hard}?

 Just wondering......

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