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Fluttering around: Hummingbirds....

I just love hummingbirds. they are so amazing to me. It's definitely feeding time down here in the desert because they are everywhere. I'm visiting my daughter and her family, and I'm always the first one up in the morning. I'll be sitting outside and hear what sounds like a small airplane right by my ear and I look to see it's a hummingbird, busily flapping his or her wings at a zillion miles per hour, hovering over a small flower. they zip around, hit all the plants and flowers, then hit up the feeder she has hanging in a tree in her backyard, then buzz off into the distance. the best part is when one is at the feeder and another one comes and tried to get in on the action, and the first one fights it and scares it off. how hilarious. and when they sit on the little feeder perch, with their teeny tiny little feet ~ to die for. it's nice to see they've figured out those perches. It's only sugar water, but they love it.

Scumbag hummingbird pushing away mate from feeder

I did one of those stupid quizzes once that said my spirit animal guide is the hummingbird. Not that I give much credence to those stupid quizzes...but I did think it was interesting. I do get mesmerized when I see one...and to think of how much energy those little things are giving off at any given second. I mean, you can't even distinguish one wing when they're flying, they're moving so fast. and their long pointed beaks that just slide perfectly into a flower (or feeder)...craziness. such a work of art... Do you enjoy watching hummingbirds?

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