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Sunny Saturday!

Egg in Cup

Ok, I managed to eat a couple of eggs,

some toast and some orange juice....

Yay! for me!

In a couple of hours,
I will have a small yogurt parfait,
which is = some vanilla yogurt,
topped with a little granola,
and a few blueberries!
 Delicious, and a good nutritious
snack at that!

1394959_b426f8908d2dda166df6192a3108303d (500x334, 90Kb)

I am trying to eat a little better
and get on a more normal schedule.

Lunch, is going to be a cucumber and lettuce sandwich
with some cherry tomatoes and water.

Can you ever have enough water?

I don't think any of us drink enough water.

I am cleaning house this morning, and have to take my new puppy in

for his first haircut this morning! How exciting for him!

He's a little scared, but soon, he will be a pro at this!

He is a little Yorkie, and so will need haircuts every 2 months,

so it's time he get used to this early.

This is my little guy. I named him Buddy.

Mostly I just call him Little Buddy,

he seems to like it. He has been so good so far.

His training will take a long time, but,

I'm in it for the long haul. He's a keeper!

Well, time to go now, I am taking Little Buddy

for a bike ride down on the bike path by the river.

We enjoy our rides!

After that, a trip to the Farmers market to get

some fresh produce for the next few days.

Everyone have a safe and happy Saturday !


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