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These days it seems as if everyone is getting something nipped or tucked, added or removed - 
but you will be hard pressed to find someone who has made over their life from the inside out. 
They are out there of course. But, they are just hard to find. Want a makeover?
Here are some tips to becoming a stronger, happier and more compassionate person. 

Smile it helps to connect with family, friends, neighbors and strangers and it's what life is really all about. * dedicate at least 15 minutes of your day to play, whether it be with your family, your pets, or your friends. * when you feel great - don't be afraid to let it show - one smile at a time. * when someone asks how you are answer "terrific"! even if your so-so. even just faking a smile can improve your mood1

Accentuate the positive. choose to be cheerful, not because the world is a great place all of the time, but because it's always better when you embrace life with a positive attitude. * once a day, tell a joke, or share a funny story, or give a heartfelt compliment to someone. * replace a negative phrase with a positive one. no more "I'm not sure I can". make it "I'll try to". * practice saying "right now I have enough" think it when your shopping and when someone buys something you want.

Accept others for who they are. criticizing yourself has a way of making you less tolerant of others. learning to accept our differences reduces stress and conflict * talk to people you don't usually converse with but see often, get to know other people and see them as people not just stereotypes. *ban th work "normal" from your vocabulary as it doesn't exist. when you stop judging people, that is when you become more open-minded.

Discover your compassionate self. believe you can make a difference because you can. so, be an organ donor. * If you shop at a garage sale or thrift store - look for warm coats and sweaters and then buy them and donate them to a local homeless shelter. * bring blankets and much needed supplies to your local no kill animal shelter - they too can always use your help. * teach a child or an illiterate adult to read - it is a gift that will last forever.

Revealing your real self is easy. you don't have to work hard at maintaining who you really are -it's just you in your natural state. No longer will you try to impress people by pretending to like something that you really don't, speaking up for yourself if you find something offensive-say so-be truthful always-that way you will always be true to yourself. * start keeping a diary or journal - ten minutes a day is all you need to jot down your most pressing thoughts or concerns. It is sometimes much easier to be yourself on paper than it is to say out loud who you are, and what you believe in.

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