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Top 100 things I enjoy about Summer! Part 1

In no particular order of course....

1. daisies in my front yard 

2. rainbow snow cones

3. retro lawn furniture

4. drive-in movies


5. picture perfect skies


6. lightning bugs


7. sidewalk chalk

8. water sandals

9. Saturday morning yard sales


10.sunflower fields

11. street festivals

12. paper fans

13. ice cream cones


14. the sound of cicadas


15. the hum of old fans
16. polka dot swimming suit

17. backyard string lights

18. water walkers


19. teeny tiny pinwheels


20. carnival food

21. painted toes


22. diving boards

  23. picnics  

24. water balloon fights


25. road trips

26. lemonade icees
27. open windows

28. hanging laundry

29. flashlight games

30. frozen grapes


31. barbecues

32. bare skin


33. squirt guns

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34. Sundresses


36. cut-off jeans

37. collecting shells

38. super slides

39. inner tubes

40. roadside fruit stands

41. ice tea parties

42. bright colored zinnias

43. the sight of ice cream trucks

44. the scent of the ocean

45. afternoons at the library

46. afternoons at the park

47. Mexican coca~cola

48. grilled corn on the cob

Small Painted Driftwood Beach Sign
49. hand-painted driftwood

50. homemade bubbles

check out Part 2 next!

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