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Until my own garden begins producing, I have been going to the farmers market every Saturday morning before going to breakfast with my friend for the past month.I look forward to it all week! I love our farmers's one of the best things about living on the border between Illinois and Iowa.....we have the most amazing local farmers and artists....the entire market is BURSTING with good things!I have been trying new recipes with the produce that I have been bringing home....

Zucchini Bread {deliciousness}
Rhubarb Bread {great!} 
Bruschetta {yummy}
Tomato Basil Salad (divine)
Blueberry crisp (omg)
Corn & Bean salad (with tomato and feta cheese)
Grilled veggies (including eggplant which I had never tried before:)
on delicious homemade bread!
Sweet potato with rosemary biscuits (from scratch!) yum!
Creamy tomato and basil soup (from scratch)
and lots more as well.

Tonight my son and his family {her parents} are coming over for dinner.

The Menu:

Grilled and roasted lemon chicken
Crash hot potatoes {pioneer woman}
Peaches & Cream corn
Fresh watermelon
Berry Crisp and homemade ice cream
Strawberry/lime ice tea (until we switch to wine)

hope they like it!

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