:: Sail away with me ::

What is it about the sea that calls us so? For reasons beyond our understanding, surely, it beckons to us as Summer returns once again, it's golden rays falling upon the earth.

And as the day draws happily into evening,  we can imagine a multitude of moments,
memories, tokens and treasures of seaside living,  words such as bliss and relaxation, and breezy
may come to mind, but our hearts are  drawn to warm temperate sands,  as crawling waves sweep up notes . . .

. . . or my dreams of filling worn metals pails full of  dozens of stacked shells in all sizes and colors -
no two alike - and almost too weighty to carry back;  or enjoying seafood picnics on grassy areas,
and the plans and promises of summer afternoons;  or of running about reckless and carefree,  with sand between our toes and bicycle rides along the shore.

But above all else, perhaps one of the greatest joys of  Summer seaside living is boarding a boat, and setting out to water.  Sun-kissed faces, brushed in breezes, hair tousled, and onward we go . . . to our dreams of a voyage paved by melodic tides and liberating seas.

How wonderful it would be to be a part of the water, a part of the sea life, to see the world from totally different angle.  Languorous Summer hours spent aboard reading, enjoying your company, exploring islands, viewing sea life,  and taking photographs --it almost seems like a dream.

Where will we go? What will we see? Who will we be meeting? What shall we pack?All wonderful questions, and though perhaps the going and packing falls into calculation, it is, indeed, the mystery of what one will see, and who one may meet that makes the journey all the more intriguing . . .

and so, today, I take you along the vast waters for romantic elegant afternoons full of streaming ribbons of golden sunshine and sea-laden breezes, as we discover some of the greatest vessels and places to sail around the world . . .

Care to go?


Design a schedule....

0_60d47_a23168c_XL (700x465, 51Kb) 

Design a schedule for your life, and stick to it.

Specify times for walking, and going to bed,

exercising, meditating, journaling and any activities

you have to do-even time to do the dishes.

Often, when we create solid boundaries for ourselves,

we are better able to experience the freedom that arises within it.

I would have to say this is so true. I even made a list of what I call

"The Dailies" which is just a quick cleaning list I made for

what I will do in each room of my house daily.

It keeps things quick, once I'm done. I'm done.

I also find, that with a list I really accomplish more each day

and, more importantly I get all those things done, one by one.

How do you get things done?


:: I am that girl ::

I am very much the girl who prefers to watch. Hidden behind the scenes, especially behind my camera - feels much more comfortable to me - rather than being the center of attention - which I often find myself in, despite my best efforts not to be.
But, hidden back here, I often find myself on the outside looking in, which can be lonely and isolating although quite insightful. Because what you see is quite often not what you get. I'm not the girl that wears her heart on her sleeve - no, I wear a poker face, I almost always look quite happy and quite content. But, because of that I often lose sight of what is right in front of me. Even when my gut is telling me my truth, more often than not, I talk myself out of good decisions and my own gut reactions; downplaying what I know because I don't want the truth to be the truth, if that makes any sense. Sometimes life can be ugly, and when your smack-dab in the middle of it - well, that seems to be when it happens the most. Why? Because folks, the truth hurts.
I can be a very loyal friend when I believe in something, or someone, and I often stick around long after the point when I should have bailed. But, then it kicks in and I begin glossing over the facts, sugar-coating the truth so that my heart hurts just a little less, and I can be that optimist who always sees the cup half full.
I'm not stupid. There are those moments of clarity. Those times when even I can't deny what I know, can't cover it up with anything, and when that happens, well the sadness begins. Inside the sadness however, I will have you know is a shining bright spot that I go to - remember my motto? {"Shine, even if the sun doesn't"} and it always pushes me forward as I grow and learn from the experience. Life isn't always pleasant. And we, each of us have developed our own mechanisms for how we handle the pain and sorrow and disappointments in our lives. No one way is the correct way - to each his own I say.  Yes, to each his own.


Having too much stress in our lives in not a good thing. Stress itself can cause countless problems all by itself. It doesn't matter if you eat right, exercise daily...there is also that mental component, and you would do well to remember that too. So this month, I tried "Restorative Yoga". I was a little worried it would be a little too far out there for me, but, it was great! I couldn't believe how uplifting it was. I went from upset to happy in 60 minutes! Try it. I know there are free online videos, or you can find these classes at your local yoga studio, but, I think my top three poses that I believe will help you anytime are these:

Legs up the wall. Helps you calm down or even go to sleep. By placing the legs and heart higher than the head has a sedative effect on the nervous system. Simply put a folded towel under you butt and your lower back, breath. relax!

All in one pose. Great for getting out those kinks in your back and hamstrings. simply lie on your back in a corner of the room. Cross your left leg over your body. Place your right hand on the wall {just use a block if you can't reach} Twist your torso so your back is flat. Lay for a while, then go ahead and switch sides.

Baby back bend. Opens the chest and helps your posture. Place a folded blanket of a firm pillow under your shoulder blades, and cradle the back of your head in your hands. Relax. Take deep breaths.

I know, I know. You're welcome. Think nothing of it. You can and will thank me later!


Craving Mexican Food....

I don't know if it's just me but I've been craving
and indulging in Mexican food a lot this summer.
And I mean a lot. Not sure what it is.

Maybe it's the weather aspect of it.
I have heard it is good to eat spicy foods in the heat.

Or,  maybe it's just the margaritas!
and the chance to have them in every
delicious flavor one can imagine!

Whatever it is, I'm liking it.
I've even tried some new dishes I had never
previously hear of...and loved it!
(Not sure my waist is liking it but I hardly care these days :)

Enjoy the Day!


Some things I just know. I know that soon summer will end and Autumn is fast approaching. 
I know that time seems to be getting faster the older that I get. I know that the night will get 
darkest just before the dawn. I know that everything has a beginning a middle and an end... 
everything does. I cannot write a beginning, a middle and an end for myself. Those are stories 
that I will never write because there are pieces missing, just like in jigsaws or broken glass.

I know that if you go outside in that short space of time between night and the break of day, 
it will feel so heavy that you won't be able to breathe, that you could almost drown in it. I 
know that dreams only sometimes come true. For the lucky, the few lucky. I know that even 
if you manage to find the one true love of your life, it doesn't mean you will ever meet face 
to face. I know the world has become on the one hand much smaller, on the other hand much
more difficult to maneuver in. That is what I know.


Note to self: Pull out your Journal and be brutally, painfully,

overwhelmingly honest with yourself. 

You will find that in being honest with yourself,

it comes much more naturally to be honest and kind to others.

What helps you to stay honest with yourself?


:: Thoughts at the beach ::

Time to switch off is important;

I didn’t realize how stressed I was,

until I discovered how relaxed I had become.

I think it’s important to have a few breaks now and again.

Random thoughts while laying on the beach:

1. My hair is already blonder after just one day.

2. Jogging on the beach is much harder than I remember

3. I’m a lot hungrier on vacation than in normal life.
    {meaning I don't skip breakfast}

4. My inner child emerges when I’m in a swimming pool.

5. Sunsets on the beach are breathtaking.

6. Beach side people-watching is among the best in the world.

7. I could totally dig a life of leisure. With two shovels.

8. Grocery shopping while on vacation is so much more fun.

9. It’s amazing what listening to a live guitar next 
    to a body of water will do for ones mood.

10. I totally over packed. Again.

What things do you notice while vacationing at the beach?


Blueberry Mojitos....

Found HERE

I adore Blueberry Mojitos.Are you scared of veering from the classic traditional version?  
I understand. This has a lovely summer freshness that makes it worth trying.

 Blueberry Mojito
  • 1 heaping handful of fresh (or frozen) blueberries
  • 3 mint leaves
  • 2 TB simple syrup
  • 3 TB lime juice
  • Club soda or Sprite
  • Bacardi Rum
Directions: Smash the blueberries and mint together using the back of a spoon. I prefer frozen blueberries because the skins are softer. Add lime juice, simple syrup, desired amount of Bacardi (shot and a half or so), stir and top off with club soda or Sprite. YUM.

Simple Syrup


* 1 cup white sugar
  *  1 cup water



    In a medium saucepan combine sugar and water. 
Bring to a boil, stirring, until sugar has dissolved. 
Allow to cool.