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Sail away with me....

What is it about the sea that calls us so?
For reasons beyond our understanding,
surely, it beckons to us as Summer returns once again,
its golden rays falling upon the earth.

And as the day draws happily into evening,
we can imagine a multitude of moments,
memories, tokens and treasures of seaside living,
words such as bliss and relaxation,and breezy
may come to mind, but our hearts are
drawn to warm temperate sands,
as crawling waves sweep up notes . . .

. . . or my dreams of filling worn metals pails full of 
dozens of stacked shells in all sizes and colors --
no two alike -- and almost too weighty to carry back;
or enjoying seafood picnics on grassy areas,
and the plans and promises of summer afternoons;
or of running about reckless and carefree,
with sand between our toes and bicycle rides along the shore.

But above all else, perhaps one of the greatest joys of
Summer seaside living is boarding a boat, and setting out to water.
Sun-kissed faces, brushed in breezes, hair tousled, and onward we go . . .
to our dreams of a voyage paved by melodic tides and liberating seas.

How wonderful it would be to be a part of the water, a part of the sea life,
to see the world from totally different angle.
Languorous Summer hours spent aboard reading,
enjoying your company, exploring islands, viewing sea life,
and taking photographs --it almost seems like a dream.

Where will we go? What will we see? Who will we be meeting? What shall we pack?
All wonderful questions, and though perhaps the going and packing falls into calculation,
it is, indeed, the mystery of what one will see, and who one may meet
that makes the journey all the more intriguing . . .

and so, today, I take you along the vast waters for romantic elegant afternoons
full of  streaming ribbons of golden sunshine and sea-laden breezes,
as we discover some of the greatest
vessels and places to sail around the world . . .    


Care to go?

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