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Some things I just know. I know that soon summer will end and Autumn is fast approaching. 
I know that time seems to be getting faster the older that I get. I know that the night will get 
darkest just before the dawn. I know that everything has a beginning a middle and an end... 
everything does. I cannot write a beginning, a middle and an end for myself. Those are stories 
that I will never write because there are pieces missing, just like in jigsaws or broken glass.

I know that if you go outside in that short space of time between night and the break of day, 
it will feel so heavy that you won't be able to breathe, that you could almost drown in it. I 
know that dreams only sometimes come true. For the lucky, the few lucky. I know that even 
if you manage to find the one true love of your life, it doesn't mean you will ever meet face 
to face. I know the world has become on the one hand much smaller, on the other hand much
more difficult to maneuver in. That is what I know.

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