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Thoughts at the beach....


Time to switch off is important;

I didn’t realize how stressed I was,

until I discovered how relaxed I had become.

I think it’s important to have a few breaks now and again.


Random thoughts while laying on the beach:

1. My hair is already blonder after just one day.

2. Jogging on the beach is much harder than I remember

3. I’m a lot hungrier on vacation than in normal life.
    {meaning I don't skip breakfast}

4. My inner child emerges when I’m in a swimming pool.

5. Sunsets on the beach are breathtaking.

6. Beach side people-watching is among the best in the world.

7. I could totally dig a life of leisure. With two shovels.

8. Grocery shopping while on vacation is so much more fun.

9. It’s amazing what listening to a live guitar next 
    to a body of water will do for ones mood.

10. I totally over packed. Again.

What things do you notice while vacationing at the beach?


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