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A letter to my body....

This is something I did today and it was very helpful for me.  

It is a statement of ownership of my body. 

I have only one, and it's care is my responsibility alone. 

This letter is a way for me to acknowledge the

state of my relationship with my body currently.

I am feeling ill at the moment, and not happy about it.

Some questions I had to ask myself, and you should too...

Does my body need more attention? 

Have I been listening to my body and respecting its needs? 

Is my body hungry for love, affection, pampering, creative outlets,

good food, fresh air?   Have I neglected you? 

Do I owe you an apology? 

What are my plans to do to make amends?

Through writing this letter, I have begun to  recognize the need

to pay more attention to myself. I am prepared to make a

 commitment to myself that is required to make this change. 

I will allow the truth to emerge, whatever it may be. 

This is about getting real and owning where I'm at tight now.

I'll allow space to explore any feelings of resistance, fear, 

concern, or insecurity that may arise.

Judgment and guilt are useless emotions. 

I'm using this as an opportunity to become aware

of areas that may have escaped my attention. 

Every once in a while, write a follow-up letter to renew your

commitment to care for your body. 

I'm going to write these thoughts in my Journal

every day. That way I can pay attention to what

I did or didn't do to help my body daily.

I read many other letters online from other women as well.

They are all so interesting, and so familiar too.

What's stopping you?  Write that letter.

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