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Winding down....

The summer is starting to wind on down, beach trips will be less frequent after
labor day, and I'm starting to think of what the late summer & early fall will bring.
As much as I love summer and the beach I have to admit I'm looking forward to a few things.

For instance, I love to wrap up in cozy layers and wear my new boots that I've been dying to wear.
I'm looking forward to cooler nights, and perfectly warm days. To taking a weekend and
driving north, just to see the beautiful fall foliage unfold before my eyes, and stop here and there
to enjoy homemade apple ciders, and delicious autumn desserts.

Well, time to pull my head back out of the clouds. Summer isn't over yet, but this weekend is
Labor Day weekend. For us, the unofficial end of summer as we know it to be. All of the
pools close after this weekend, all schools are in session, life is beginning to move a little
bit faster again. I'll miss the slow pace of summer for sure.

I think I will enjoy the weekend by biking and hiking at my favorite state park, it has
been the perfect weather for it. Who knows where I may end up having a three day
weekend and all?


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