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I thought this little meme that I found would be a perfect thing to post... as it requires few words. Specifically, one word answers. 
Feel free to play along :)
  1. Your cell phone? turned off! 
  2. Your significant other? distant
  3.  Your hair? sun kissed
  4.  Your mother? nurturing
  5.  Your father? artistic
  6.  Your kids? possibilities
  7.  Your favorite thing? nature
  8.  Your dream last night? strawberry tarts
  9.  The room you are in? comforting
  10.  Your fear? failing
  11.  What you're not? ordinary
  12.  Last thing you did before logging on? walking
  13.  Where did you grow up? Midwest
  14.  What are you wearing? sweats
  15.  Your computer? lifeline
  16.  Favorite place? waterside
  17.  Your mood right now? drained
  18.  Missing someone? vastness
  19.  Something you're not wearing? bra
  20. Your life? wondrous :)

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