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The many ways to eat an avocado...

I have found so many ways to eat avocados, but really their are so many, here are a few ideas on ways you can incorporate them into your everyday eating! And don't forget, they are delicious for breakfast too!

1. Homemade guacamole is way better than store-bought in my opinion (as most things are). Thankfully, it is rather easy to make. Slice two avocados lengthwise, cutting around the seed. Scoop the green into a bowl and mash it up. Add about a half tablespoon of lime juice, 2 tablespoons diced or chopped onion and 2 tablespoons diced tomato. Add salt and pepper to taste. Super easy, right? And so good!

2. Add to salads, the avocados' light flavor allows it to be easily added to almost any salad. To avoid the unsightly brown that occurs from being exposed to air, sprinkle the avocado with lime (or lemon) juice.


3. Add avocado to almost any salsa, but do it right before eating or serving to avoid browning. A popular avocado salsa is any mango version. Mix a diced avocado (sprinkled with lime juice) with a diced mango and add diced red onions and a pepper of sorts (such as habanera, jalapeno, or red pepper). Add some cilantro and salt to taste.


4. One of my favorite ways to eat avocado is on my chunk chicken or tuna sandwich. I toast some wheat bread, slap on my chicken or tuna (mixed with a little mayo and pepper) and add a layer of sliced avocado.
Honestly though, it is just plain delicious on any sandwich you can dream up.


5. In Fajitas, or other Mexican dishes.If you prefer to have diced avocados along side your meal instead of guacamole, cut up your avocado right before serving and add to the dish.


6. On chili or soup. My favorite is to top my tortilla soup with chopped avocado, sour cream, cheddar cheese and tortilla strips Chili is another great option to include an avocado topper.


7. As a spread, use it instead of using butter, mash up some avocado and spread on your toast.
{good breakfast idea}

8. Slice it and add to crackers for a quick, healthy snack, Add a slice of tomato and/or some cheese
or more flavor.


9. As weird as this sounds, it is actually doable and potentially tasty. I have never done this myself, but at my local natural food store, they whip up a mean drink with avocado in it. But you would never know that, because it is disguised amongst tons of fruits.


10. You can mix and match vegetables and avocados in your omelets/breakfast skillets to suit your liking. You can also add avocados to a breakfast burrito.


Well, you can't say that you have no idea how to use avocado now. I find it to be one of the healthiest
ways to add a little heart-healthy fat to my diet and truly, they are delicious! Enjoy!

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