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The weekend is here!

Made it through another week...almost! I'm exhausted from this week, lots of late nights,
emailing my family and friends, photo taking, still trying to get caught up on some the work
I missed when I was off for a few days, working on the photos I took last weekend and
dressing them up a bit, and getting ready for a really fun-filled weekend of hiking again!
I will fill you in on all the details with some photos when I return. I also need to pick a day
and begin my 365 photo project as well. It really does sound fun and exciting to do.

It is perfect fall weather. while walking Buddy earlier, the air was crisp, and windy, and I
could hear leaves crunching under my feet. The faint scent of a fire in the distance was the
perfect compliment to the sunshine which was just bursting through in the most gorgeous
colors, and trees with their beautiful shades of Autumn just starting to peek through. I
enjoy these quiet early morning walks.They are always so beautiful, and the fresh air
works wonders on my mood!

Good luck with your day ~ and have the greatest weekend ever!

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