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This weekend...

I will...

Bake a loaf of spiced pumpkin bread; visit a thrift store and find something 
fun for under $10; get my favorite sweaters out of storage and start putting 
away my summer clothes; bring my beautiful basil plant indoors; make a fun
 playlist; delete old and unused files from my computer's hard drive; 
tell someone how much they mean to me; try some new calming yoga poses; 
apply a dark nail polish for a touch of glamor [perhaps OPI Affair in red square?}; 
practice my Rosetta Stone German; post five things I'm thankful for;  
sip white wine in front of the fire chimney; Buy a new Autumn candle {or two}; 
brew some hazelnut coffee; make a pot of Chili; and wish the weekend 
would last forever...


What kind of magic are you making this weekend? I want to hear about it!


*Painting by Marta Wiley

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