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When I open my eyes....

When I open my eyes in the morning this is the look and face that I am usually greeted with. 
Little Buddy spends an inordinate amount of time trying to wake me up in the mornings, 
all the while; without seeming like he is trying to wake me up. {smile


Sometimes he will sneeze, most of the time he flops around and around pretending to 
try to get comfortable; and then he will stick his face so close to mine that our noses are 
nearly touching and I open my eyes to make sure I am not being suffocated by a 
who knows what. Then he just smiles and acts like "Well, isn't this a coincidence that we 
should both wake up at the same time?  That's great because I'm starving!"
It is quite seriously nearly impossible for me to be annoyed or upset when I have these 
giant marble sized brown eyes staring me down, giving me that sweet puppy dog look. 
And, I have to admit, it's a wonderful way to wake up in the morning, he helps me to 
appreciate the fact that I woke up, and have the opportunity to begin a brand spanking
new day! He looks at me like : Isn't this great? What should we do? I'll do anything!
And he's bouncing around already, so, we do the bed dance, jump up and down on
the bed and dance our little hearts out...then, we go for a wonderful long, walk. When
we get back home I feed him, then, he's out for the count! Don't worry though, after 
a little power nap, he's as good as new and ready to tackle everything again! 

Right now, he is out. Which gives me time to blog a little bit! Being that it is
Wednesday is a very good thing for me because I have tomorrow off! And, the
best part of today is that we are having a Mexican potluck at work! Yummy! 
I simply love those potlucks, my figure takes a hit, but, what the heck!

Have a wonderful day!

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