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Homemade goodness....

When I started to work in an office/torture chamber, it became harder 
and harder due to the hours that I work to always come home and cook 
all the time. But, it's what I strive to do. Surprisingly, my husband is a good cook, 
and has picked up where I have left off and because of that, I am still able to eat at home. 
I also try to cook a little extra over the weekend if I can, and in the Autumn months 
and into the winter months, the weekends usually mean I am whipping up a homemade 
soup and baking my own bread. 

Without really realizing it, each season I found myself trying a new soup each weekend. It is great fun ~ 
and oh so delicious. Along with a different soup each weekend, I also strive to find a different bread to 
bake each weekend as well so it is something that we really look forward to. I call it my neverending soup
salad and bread dinner. {and, not surprisingly, we seem to have a lot of people drop by on weekends}

I've been looking up new Autumn soups and stews to try in the coming weeks, it's really very exciting!
This last weekend we guessed it! Homemade vegetable soup-it was so very good!
There are so many recipes, I doubt I will ever run out of ideas. I love this tradition that I have created over 
the years. It is one that everyone I know has come to know and rely on. The truth is, that it is comfort food,
in comforting surroundings, and it attracts my friends and neighbors each fall and winter. What better
way to keep in touch with everyone then the fact that they drop by? Otherwise, because it's so cold, we
would barely see anybody just out and about. This way, we can always expect company, we break out
the board games, and card games, the new movies, etc: and have great times making great memories. 
The best part of all? They usually bring a delicious dessert to share and that is good, because, 
I am not too good with making desserts. But, I love to eat them {smile}

I love this season, don't you? Do you have Autumn/Winter traditions too?

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