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:: 500 Things that make me Happy....and counting.. ::

The feeling of a cool crisp breeze on my face, the smell of fresh luxurious sheets on my bed, sinking into a warm bubble bath while soft music is playing and candlelight is dancing around the tub,  these, are the simple pleasures, and there's nothing extreme about any of them. But, with a bit of thought and a moment's pause, they can become experiences that fill your heart with joy.

Developing an attitude that has allowed me to have a Passion for these simple moments, these simple pleasures has also in turn helped to prepare me for dealing with very serious, even extreme difficulties that have at times come into my life. A small adjustment in attitude can sure make a big difference in how a person views the world.

I am going through such a time right now. But, for once I feel pretty good about it. I am actually looking forward to the next months and years to see how I will be changing, what I will be adding, or removing from my life. I am ready for new challenges, new beginnings, new everything.....pretty deep for a Sunday isn't it? I am going to try to list all of the many things that I feel are the simple pleasures in life that make me happy, or give me joy, I'm sure that includes a great many things, and it is hard to know where to begin, so I think I will just begin, and add to it as more thoughts come to my mind. I think being able to remind yourself often of all the things you enjoy, is a good reminder of all of the wonderful things that life has to offer. So, let's just begin....

Listening to my grandchildren make each other laugh, being the first to wake up and take a book outside with my coffee and wait for the day to start, coming across a photo booth, whipping off my bra at the end of a long day, making s'mores around a bonfire, climbing into a bed made up with fresh sheets and lots of pillows, listening to the gentle rain, biting into a tomato that I myself grew, the first morning sip of hot steaming coffee, freshly painted toenails, hiking in Autumn, making playlists to fit my every mood, spontaneous dance parties with me, myself, and I, planning a trip, time to wander with my camera, freshly cut flowers, moments when I realize that  there is no where that I would rather be than where I am right then, buying a brand new journal, doing anything creative, attending outdoor concerts, new paints and brushes and an empty canvass, taking a whole day off and doing whatever I want ~or~ doing nothing at all, falling asleep outdoors with the sun on my face, passport, travel documents and neatly packed bag ~ ready to head out the door, a cool breeze coming from the river, being barefoot in the kitchen, sipping wine and cooking dinner, the smell of the earth when it first starts to rain, jumping on the trampoline with my grandchildren, racing down a water slide, discovering a beautiful thing in an unexpected place at an unexpected moment, the smells and the feel of old books as I browse the shelves of an old bookstore, music playing in the back round, completing a challenging task, looking through old family photo albums, good conversation with total strangers, pancake Sunday's, having a dog, the pond near my home that freezes into a natural ice skating rink, very comfy warm slippers, finding money in my purse that I forgot I even had, on cold mornings putting on a pair of jeans right out of the dryer, living with someone who doesn't mind killing spiders, my pillow, wearing sandals when I probably shouldn't be, a really cold glass of water on a really hot day, sticking my foot out from under the covers, bakery air, peeling and eating clementines, a perfectly roasted marshmallow, taking off my shoes at the end of a really long day, the feeling of sand scrunching my feet, finding out my birthday is on a weekend, slurping hot soup on a cold night, watching the snow fall especially on Christmas Eve, when the vending machine gives me two things instead of one, the cold side of the pillow, perfect silence, old classic board games, getting out of the car after a really long trip, popping bubble wrap, the smell of freshly cut grass, when I push for the elevator and it is already there, when the dentist tells me I'm fine and have no cavities, cheesy theme songs from comedy shows from the 80's, watching something download really fast, getting my eyebrows waxed, having armrests at the movie theater, seeing someone laugh while they are sleeping, the extra hour I get when I change the clocks back, eating cookie batter, waking up in the night and realizing I have lots of sleep time left, when something I need to buy is on sale, remembering to pack my umbrella, getting a booth instead of a table, dangling my feet in the water, the smell of sizzling bacon, when the plane suddenly speed up on the runway, the excitement of my dog when I get home, making the first footprint in fresh snow, finding the little old lady at the grocery store who knows where everything is, remembering that my scars where earned, when the person in line ahead of me let's me go first because I only have one thing, nudging the shower a little more hotter, realizing I still remember old phone numbers from my youth, watching the cream as I stir it in my coffee, letting the waves bury my feet, when I am in the lane that is moving during a traffic jam, staying in my pajamas all day, when I make it to the gym and have a great workout, finding treasure in a jacket pocket, junk drawers, when a dream comes true, that moment when I'm on vacation and I can't remember what day of the week it is, when it suddenly just clicks, do nothing days, taking Fridays off, the sound of a cork popping, picking things up with my feet, waking up at the right time even though I forgot to set the alarm, thinking about my almost name, being next in line, baby toes, seeing my reflection in a store window and liking what I see, the sound of water lapping against the dock, the first snowfall of the season, seeing Christmas trees through windows when the tree is the only light in the room, afternoon naps, delivery pizza, phone calls from my kids regarding cooking questions, going to state fairs, making Christmas cookies, my iphone, a vase full of fresh flowers, an uber soft sweatshirt on a chilly day, a brisk walk anytime, hearing the Star-Spangled Banner, a coupon that makes something free, leather journals, the moonlight shining on the water, used book stores, hotels, lazy rivers at water parks, my soft micro suede couch, finally getting unsubscribed to a really annoying e-mail, good hair days, traveling anywhere, unusual jewelry, taking a good picture of myself, ivy growing up the sides of buildings, roadside strawberry patches, a restored movie theater, putting on clothes fresh out of the dryer, the smell of crayons, family reunions, listening to distant thunder, hearing my name whispered lovingly, night swimming in illuminated pools, the freckles that run cheek to cheek across the bridge of her little nose, driving alone with the radio turned up, taking photos, sunlight on the water so bright you squint your eyes, crazy coincidences, roller coaster rides, strangers who smile back to me, remembering things my parents said and knowing they were right, tasting new summer drinks, the smell of banana bread baking, having a dog because I never thought I would again, the smell of swimming pools, checking off something on my to do list, pretty new journals with nothing in them yet, wearing sunglasses, a good sci-fi movie, see the night sky full of stars, really seeing the stars, the smell of a wood fire, having a suntan, strong coffee, over sized mugs, stretching, reading the newspaper on a lazy Sunday morning, adding new music to my ipod, the sound and the smell of onions and some garlic sizzling in my frying pan, deliciously scented lotions, white wine, expressive eyes, comfy blue jeans, appetizers, pretty aprons, chopped salads, dinner parties, sunsets, early morning walks before the rest of the city wakes up, being outdoors, polka dots, magazines, my naturally curly hair, cupcakes, museums, flip flops, cream of potato soup, organic food, chips and guacamole, hot baths, fresh basil, thrift stores, vintage jewelry, fluffy down comforters, learning new things, exposed brick, vaulted ceilings, well crafted sentences, manners, soft skin, skylines, rooftop gardens, the mid west, candles, hula hoops, retro styles, pumpkin bars, live music, naps, spending the day in bed watching old movies, organizing my things, romantic body massages, the smell of real Moroccan oil, waking up on Saturday morning a knowing I have the entire weekend ahead of me, discovering a really, really good restaurant, roasted Autumn vegetables, walking on the beach at dawn, being greeted at the door by both my dog and my cat, wrapping presents and adding creative touches, cozy rooms with unexpected details, texture in art or in nature, cold pillows, watching toddlers try to walk, catching up with an old friend, finding free wi-fi, being at the right place at the right time, crossing off the last item on my to do list, cutting something straight, the way the sky glows after fireworks, collecting the cutest paint chip sample names, mailing kisses, watching people who are looking at art, doing silly poses in photo booths, changing all of my desktop icons, taking rocks painting them and putting them back outside, writing on mirrors with dry erase markers, happy little stickers, finger puppets, funny signs, drawing a toe ring around my toe, scribble portraits, doing a handstand, pretty shadows, cute bags, bubbles, finding secret gardens, the color of beets, postcards, having my hair french braided, Easter hats, big hair, brand new paper just waiting to be cut up, chocolate, chocolate, chocolate, perfect snowman making snow, button pictures, silly straws, finding surprises under the table, sunflower fields, spotting an endangered eagle, snow painting, crazy window displays, going to fun art workshops, holiday lights, my cats funny sense of entitlement, music that inspires and bewitches my ears, wildlife brilliance, an endless horizon over sparkling water, finding vintage items that look like they were made yesterday, long barbeque lighters, not just a sigh but a deep relaxed heart warmed sigh, watching lightning bugs flickering at night, the smell of a field in the early summer morning, towels, fresh from the dryer, the twinkle in your eye just before a full grin breaks through, tree tunnels, ankle bracelets, clear nights bursting with stars so thick they simply hang from above, listening to my little dog as he dreams, black olives ~ i love them, contagious laughter ~ not yawns!, exploring new places without a map, home made soups on a chilly day, the soft delicate sound that snow makes as it gently falls to the ground, everything about Christmas, foggy misty mornings that lead to mystery..., eating at an out of the way off the beaten trail restaurant that also serves pop in a bottle!, pistachios, creaky wooden steps, the sound of old typewriters, hiking at state parks, the slam of an old screen door, cicadas on a hot, humid summer night, the Lake Michigan shore line, real mac -n-cheese, concerts that go on longer than expected..., good vibes coming from anywhere, everywhere....,YOGA, pretty dresses, lip gloss, more to come...

 What makes you happy? Do you think it is possible to think of everything?

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